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A Stroll Through Downtown Arlington’s Mural Tour

Sometimes the best way to spend the morning on a weekend is a relaxing walk with your friends, both human and furry alike, under the sunny, blue skies and filling your camera roll with colorful pictures in front of the murals that scale the walls of our community.

As you walk around, be sure to take your time and observe the magic of Downtown Arlington. Smell the smokey deliciousness of Hurtado Barbecue, listen to the sound of children playing tag outside the Dream Sculpture, or sing along to your favorite band playing at J. Gilligan’s Bar & Grill.

The Downtown Arlington Mural Tour is the perfect opportunity to get connected to the city around you and the people who came before you. Take a stroll through the sidewalks of Downtown and take pictures with the vibrant walls of your favorite businesses.

Downtown Arlington takes pride in its rich history; what started as a small settlement has grown and flourished into a thriving city center full of entertainment, food, and the cultural arts. Our story is told through the variety of murals we have around town, from the Historic Arlington mural to the freshly painted “Merciful Wisdom” mural outside Curnutt & Hafer. Now, you have the chance to become part of that story too!

The mural tour will guide you through key locations throughout the Dream City and serve as a reminder to yourself to appreciate life’s smallest moments, for it is these tiny personal moments with the city that create long-lasting memories. And what better way to capture these moments than with photographs, forever immortalizing your part in the narrative of Downtown.

To download the Mural Tour Map, click here. To learn more about each mural and its artist, visit the Arts & Culture tab of the Downtown Arlington website, or tune in every Monday on Instagram and Facebook for #MuralMonday, where we discuss the history and meaning of the best murals in the neighborhood. And don’t forget to tag @dtarlington in all your photos! We want to see all your smiling faces!

After a whole day outside walking by Downtown’s cultural arts institutions and smelling the sweet aromas of the best restaurants in Arlington, it’s finally time to enjoy the city for yourself! Here’s your mural tour itinerary and what to check out while you’re strolling by.

Front Street Mural Tour

  1. First, you should park in the Vandergriff Town Center parking lot. Nearby, you’ll find eateries and breweries such as The Grease Monkey Burger Shop & Social Club and On Tap. Grab a burger, a beer, or both and check out the “Historic Arlington” mural by Lee and Sheri Hay located on the south side of the Vandergriff Office building.
  2. Once you’re done there, turn south along Center street and you’ll see the “Legendz Classic Barber Shop” mural on the north side of their building.
  3. Next, head back up the block to Division Street and take a right onto Mesquite Street. Across the street, you’ll find “Love” by Justin Simmons.
  4. Continue south on Mesquite for two blocks, turning left at E. Front Street. Look to your left and there’s the “Welcome to Front Street” mural by Jenny Lane! Congratulations, you’ve officially arrived at Urban Union!
  5. Keep going east along Front Street for a half block to Hurtado BBQ and on the far side, you’ll see their patio and mural “Mexicue” by Kara Burton.
  6. Further down along Front Street, take a left on N. Elm Street. To your left you’ll see “Soundwave” by Tex Moton.
  7. Cross Elm Street at the alley and you’ll hit another Tex Moton mural, “Party Animals” on the south side of the building.
  8. Continue south through the alley until you pass the entrance to Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery. Grab a cake pop or cookie from inside and check out the “Sugar Bee Sweets” by Tex Moton on the outside of the bakery facing Front Street.
  9. Finally, walk east on Front Street past the Downtown Arlington offices and follow the road to arrive at the final mural of this walk, “Climb!” by Dylan Kennedy, located on the west side of Dyno-Climbing Center.
  10. Before you leave, feel free to check out any of the entertainment options nearby, such as Lone Star Axe Throwing, and try some of Downtown renowned bars and restaurants located in Urban Union, such as the ones below!

Front Street Bars & Restaurants to Try:

  1. Cane Rosso Arlington
  2. 4 Kahunas Tiki Lounge
  3. The Hive Daytime Eatery
  4. Hayters Bar & Lounge
  5. Inspirations Fork & Table

Main Street Mural Tour

  1. Visit the Arlington Museum of Art and get a picture in front of the “Cowgirl” by artist Amandalynn
  2. Check out the “Theatre Arlington” mural by Vizie and “Comedy/Tragedy” by Luis Mendoza, then head inside to catch a show at Theatre Arlington
  3. Attend art sessions at Catalyst Creative Arts then head down the street and pose in front of the “En Point” mural located outside the Mersis Persis Studio of Dance
  4. Attend an opening art show at Create Arlington’s gallery
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