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Getting Around Downtown


If you have your own wheels, there’s plenty of free street parking (watch for back-in spaces) as well as a public parking garage at 101 Center. The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) offers free parking with validation in the College Park District. UTA campus parking garages are also available for public parking for an hourly fee. Free bike racks are located throughout Downtown and UTA.

Transportation Services

Arlington is served by Lyft and Uber.

VIA Rideshare is an inexpensive, public transit ride-share that also serves the entire city of Arlington. VIA can also take you to CentrePort TRE station. Just download the app to your phone, sign up, and get a ride. VIA does not operate 24 hours a day, so please visit this website for current hours of service and per-ride cost.

RAPID is a self-driving vehicle service that can also get you around Downtown Arlington. Simply call RAPID through the VIA app. Although RAPID is an autonomous service, you’ll be accompanied by a May Mobility expert on every ride. RAPID is a pilot program offered by VIA plus May Mobility, the City of Arlington and UT Arlington.

If you’re a UT Arlington student, you can access VIA and RAPID services at a discounted rate and even get your first few rides for free!