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Rain or Shine, 5 Things to Do to Have a Good Time

Springtime in Texas is unpredictable. You never know if it’s “just cloudy” or if it’s going to rain until the cows come home. But one thing you can always count on is finding something fun to do here in Downtown Arlington! Whether it’s grabbing a sour beer for Division Brewing’s “Sour Sundays” or challenging your friends in an axe throwing competition at Lone Star Axe Throwing, there’s plenty of ways to have a good time, rain or shine. Here’s five more things to do this weekend!

Free Play Arcade

Free Play Arcade is the go-to destination for retro games and throwback vibes. As you walk through the door, you’re instantly transported through history to a time when high scores, pinballs, and yelling at “Blinky,” the over-aggressive red ghost in Pac-Man, were the only things that mattered.

With a wide variety of classic games, you’re destined to spend hours having fun and competing with friends and loved ones. Be sure to visit on Friday nights to enjoy the music from DJ Terminator Mike B who will be playing all the greatest hits from the 80s and 90s!

Kung Fu Tea

The UTA alumni-owned Kung Fu Tea is Downtown’s premier boba beverage brasserie. From tea to coffee to slushies to everything in between, whether you like it sweet, fruity, or caffeinated, Kung Fu Tea has a delicious array of refreshing drinks for everyone’s taste. If you’re trying to beat the heat or take shelter from the rain, stop in for a drink and head upstairs to crack open a good book or challenge your friends to one of the many board games that they have available.

The Sanford House Inn & Spa

Whether it’s a sunny day or rainy day, make it a Spa Day! The Sanford House Inn & Spa offers different packages for whatever fits your needs and will leave you feeling refreshed and well-rested. This is your one-stop shop for manicures, pedicures, deep tissue massages, facials, haircuts, and much more. Between treatments, head over to the Relaxation Room, featuring a beautiful Italian-tiled waterfall and an artistic blue skylight, to eat lunch or kickback and relax.

Try Any of Our New Restaurants

In the past year, Downtown Arlington has welcomed several new locally owned restaurants and drinkeries to the downtown family. During the winter season it may be hard to find the motivation to get up and try these new destinations for yourself, but now is the perfect time to get out there! Restaurants such as Cafe Americana, Taipo, Zio Al’s Pizza & Pasta, and Fool’s Kava House offer a tasty variety of cuisines and drinks to keep you occupied and entertained through any weather condition. Skip googling the temperature outside and start researching the menus at your new favorite downtown hangout spot!

The Culture Commodities

There’s never a bad day to go shopping and Culture Commodities has all the best clothes and shoes that’ll have you feeling good and looking even better! With all the latest trends and newest releases, Commodities will equip you with the perfect outfits just in time for summer.