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Take it Outside! - A Guide to Downtown’s Patio Dining & Our Fur-Friendly Options

Spring is finally here! But I’m not talking about the Spring Equinox that occurred in March, when the weather was inconsistent at best. No, I’m talking about the true, 70-degree Texas Spring filled with hours of sunshine and just the right amount of cool breeze to keep you from burning out. We’re experiencing the best temperatures Texas has to offer, and it’s time to make the most of it! Here’s your guide to Downtown’s Patio Dining! Bonus points: for those who enjoy working outdoors and need ample sunlight to stay productive on the clock, be sure to visit Union Worx Coworking for a Day Pass or membership!

Sunshine Supper

Whether you like tacos, burgers, or barbecue, take it outside! Downtown Arlington offers several restaurants with outdoor seating where you can grab your favorite meals and dine to the backdrop of clear skies and sunny days. And remember, the phone eats first. Lunch or dinner on the patio is the perfect path to capturing a picture-perfect Instagram post or BeReal to share with friends and family. Try these restaurants and their fan-favorite menu items for a great meal outdoors.

Cartel Taco Bar

The Hive Daytime Eatery

J. Gilligan’s Bar & Grill

Kintaro Ramen

Hurtado BBQ

The Grease Monkey Burger Shop & Social Club

Los Molcas Tacos Bar & Grill

Cane Rosso Arlington

Nighttime Nightcap

In most other states, when the sun goes down, everybody heads inside. But here in Texas, if the warmth continues, the fun does too! Gather your friends, grab a beer, and head outside for a nighttime nightcap under the soft glow of the moonlight and the string lights that drape along the patio spaces of several of our local bars, pubs, and breweries. This is the perfect environment for catching up with old pals while sipping unique drinks and blends brewed specially by your Downtown favorites.

Division Brewing

Hooligan’s Pub

Kool Keg

The Tipsy Oak

4 Kahunas Tiki Lounge

Free Play Arcade

6 Pet-Friendly Bars, Shops, and Restaurants in Downtown Arlington

Downtown Arlington is a pet-friendly community, and it shines through in all facets of the city. From themed photo walks to pollution-control campaigns, Downtown has numerous pet-centric activations dedicated to serving our residents, visitors, and all their fur babies too! When strolling down the sidewalks, you might not see too many people walking their dogs, but that’s only because they’re bringing their canine companions inside with them.

In the downtown neighborhood, we believe no child gets left behind (even if that child has four legs, a fur coat, and randomly gets “the zoomies” in the middle of the night). Where you go, the pups go too. That’s why several downtown businesses have opened their doors and patios for you and your tail-wagging buddy to sit back, relax, and have a good time.

1. Inclusion Coffee

2. Union Worx Coworking

3. Hooligan’s Pub

4. Division Brewing

5. The Grease Monkey Burger Shop and Social Club 

6. The Tipsy Oak