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Exciting Time for Downtown Arlington as Several New Developments Are on the Horizon

In the last ten years, Downtown Arlington has undergone an incredible transformation, with hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in better infrastructure and new businesses. These diverse developments work towards the greater goal for Downtown Arlington to be a dynamic cityscape that promotes walkability, and encourages the discovery of new and unique experiences right here in the historical and cultural center of the Arlington community. In the very near future, the heart of Arlington will be pumped with new life as various large parcels of land have hit the market!

What’s Next?

For the first time in 26 years, the property between South Mesquite and South East Streets, located at 201 E Abram Street, is up for sale. Approximately 4.5 acres in size, the site is being marketed for mixed use development, with the property zoned for possible retail shopping, office space, hotel accommodations, and/or multifamily housing.

As one of the largest contiguous sites remaining in Downtown Arlington, this centralized property has the potential to help weave together the areas of our Downtown, located on both sides of the railroad tracks, and promote walkability for our residents and visitors.

Additionally, just up the street from this land sits Ford Square, 1.8 acres of leasable land located on the prominent corner of Mesquite and Division Streets, directly north of the Urban Union development This offering, historically a Ford dealership, is part of an ongoing effort to revitalize old industrial spaces into destinations geared towards entertainment, bars, restaurants, and more.

The Downtown Arlington Master Plan recommends a variety of needs for the future of Downtown including more housing, casual “mom-and-pop” cafes, delis and sit-down restaurants, independent retail stores, boutique hotels, and up-market, chef-driven restaurant concepts.

Innovative business models and emerging trends are increasingly taking root here in Downtown, indicating that the next wave of urban development is coming to Arlington. Some might say it has already arrived, but there is more work to be done. As highlighted in the Master Plan, it has become increasingly vital for our district to connect the existing and emerging nodes of activity and new businesses through contiguous, high quality active street space. Development on these two properties could be one of the final pieces in the puzzle of continuing to create a lively, immersive scene here in our neighborhood downtown.

How Far We’ve Come

After a wave of disinvestment stunted downtown's growth in the mid to late 1900s, we hit the ground running in the 1990s through the guidance of passionate early Arlington leaders such as Lana Wolff, Tom Cravens, and Victor Vandergriff, to name a few.

After the formation of the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation in 2006, the opening of the Levitt Pavilion in 2008, and the construction of the College Park Center in 2012, all eyes were on Downtown Arlington to continue this upward trend of redevelopment and continue to accommodate the influx of new residents, visitors, and students.

For the following decade, Downtown remained in the spotlight, particularly, for the completion of two major projects: Urban Union – a 7-acre, adaptive mixed use development including office space, restaurants, and entertainment – and the $26 million Abram Street Rebuild. While Urban Union converted old auto shops and warehouses to the pillar of locally owned food and fun it is today, Abram Street underwent great changes for roadway and utility improvements, additional on-street parking, enhanced landscaping, and pedestrian amenities such as benches and LED lighting.

Regarded as the gateway to the heart of the city, the Abram Street rebuild was instrumental in creating a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes to the Arlington Cultural District to live, work, and enjoy live music, art, entertainment, and more. Abram Street is now home to Downtown favorites such as Inclusion Coffee, Hooligan’s Pub, Kung Fu Tea, Insomnia Cookies, Commodities, and many, many more!

With several locally owned and nationally recognized brands choosing Downtown Arlington as their home, our economic and cultural renaissance continues in full swing. Keep your eyes on Downtown Arlington as the revitalization and renaissance continues in the coming years! To stay up to date on the latest developments and upcoming projects, subscribe to the Downtown Arlington newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.