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Downtown Barbies and Bombshells: Things to Do This Week Based on Which Movie You're Seeing First

This week is one of the biggest nationwide events of the summer, for this is the week the new movies “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” hit theaters! If you haven't been following the current news, these highly anticipated, drastically different movies release on the exact same day, and many people have been picking sides on which one to see first.

Some people plan on having a "Brunch and Barbie" event where they watch Barbie first to start the day off in high spirits, while others plan on using Barbie as a palate cleanser after watching Oppenheimer, a movie dealing with heavy topics of war and the dangers of scientific discovery. Whichever option you decide says a lot about you, so choose wisely and be sure to continue reading for different ways to celebrate being a Barbie versus a bombshell!

Downtown Barbies

Swiftie Barbie

Over the course of her career, Taylor Swift has transformed herself from country girl-next-door to pop princess with many other eras mixed in between. She and Barbie go hand-in-hand when it comes to reinventing oneself with each new release, so it's only right for you to celebrate Barbie's new movie by checking out the new Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour Collection at the Arlington Museum of Art. This exhibit features costuming, videos, photographs, and accessories from performances ranging all throughout Swift's career. The collection is a wonderful exploration of her endless talent and eye for fashion, so don't forget to add the museum to your weekend itinerary.

Boba Barbie

Kung Fu Tea is Downtown Arlington's premiere boba destination. With tons of natural lighting through large storefront windows, colorful decorations, and top tier catchy music, we are almost 100% certain if Barbie was a real person, she'd be in line there every day. On the second floor you can also find books and board games to enjoy with all the Barbies and Kens in your life.

Sneakerhead Barbie

Commodities is a streetwear and sneaker shop supplying the Arlington community with all the latest and flyest clothing and accessories. This serves as the perfect place for all the Barbie enthusiasts as the Barbie and Ken duo are known across several decades for their iconic fashion. Dress up in modern-day trends before heading to the movies and showing love to America's most stylish and influential dolls and action figures.

Barbie: Live!

Depending on your knowledge of Barbie lore, you may already know of their significant influence in music. Whether it's the original soundtracks from their animated movies or songs written specifically referencing the dolls (i.e. the iconic "Barber Girl" by Aqua), chances are your ears have been graced by the power of the plastic princess. As such, what better way to pay homage to the hidden musical gems of the franchise than by hitting up Downtown's unique concert venues and checking out the hidden gems of Arlington. Venues like Binions Ice House, Growl Records, and the Arlington Music Hall host concerts frequently, so be sure to check our event calendar for this week's newest performances.

Barbie Spa Day

This couldn't be a respectable Barbie blog if we didn't mention one of the most notable and world-renowned play sets ever made, the Barbie Spa Day Playset. Kids love living vicariously through their dolls and who wouldn’t want to sit around and be treated like royalty? If your parents ever let you accompany them to get manicures and pedicures, then you most likely remember bringing your favorite toy, wrapped in her Barbie-pink robe, and parking her right next to you. Feel free to relive these memories at the Sanford House Inn & Spa while you’re being pampered with massages, facials, and body treatments.

Downtown Bombshells

Who's the Top Dog at Trivia? C4 Yourself

Oppenheimer is a film rich with history and mind-blowing easter eggs for historians and enthusiasts to enjoy and point out as the film progresses. If you frequently find yourself researching unknown fun facts and asking your friends “did you know…?”, then trivia is the perfect companion to the Oppenheimer film. Trivia tests your knowledge of history, media, and current events, and Oppenheimer is the latest exploration of all of the above. J. Gilligan's and Division Brewing host trivia every week, so be prepared to challenge yourself against Arlington's best and brightest.

Now I Am Become Decaf...

The media has deemed Oppenheimer the more sophisticated option of the two movies and what’s more sophisticated than grabbing a coffee at one of downtown’s best shops such as Inclusion Coffee and White Rhino and reading a good book or catching up on the latest news. If the reference in the title of this section excited you, then you’re a verified Oppenheimerist and probably enjoy the finer things of relaxing and sipping on some freshly brewed drinks.

Atomic Fashion

Atomic fission is when two atoms split apart causing a reaction. However, atomic fashion is the complete opposite, where, instead, you put two separate things together, also creating a reaction. If you’re an Oppenheimer first kind of person, then you should check out stores such as The Man’s Shop for high quality, stylish articles of clothing. This shop is a great place for those seeking guidance on how to style individual garments into a cohesive and elegant outfit that will turn heads.

Split Sides and Split Atoms

Oppenheimer is an interesting story about the relationship between progress and anguish and how that relationship has affected historical achievements. If you plan on being first in line to watch this movie before Barbie, then check out the original form of drama, theatre. Theatre Arlington is downtown’s first theatre arts institution that provides the metroplex with amazing performances each season. Their next show is “Superior Donuts,” the story of a Black teenager in Chicago working to help a donut shop owner upgrade his decrepit shop to fit modern times. This award-winning play is said to tackle the unique struggle between maintaining the past and being the face of progress. Sound familiar?

Whether you’re a Downtown Barbie or a Downtown Bombshell, this is a judgement-free zone. There’s fun to be had regardless of where you’ll be opening weekend. Sign up for the Downtown Arlington newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more in-depth ways to celebrate this dual “Barbenheimer” weekend. Happy viewing!