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"Howdy" Mural by Mariell Guzman

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224 N. Center St.
Arlington, TX 76011

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About the artist and her inspiration

Born in Michoacán, Mexico, Mariell Guzman is a North-Texas based mixed media painter, muralist, illustrator and installation artist. Mariell grew up in a family of innovators – her mother was an artist, both of her siblings are creatives, and her father is an engineer. Her Mexican heritage deeply influences her creative expression, particularly through her use of bold colors and diversity of artistic mediums. 

“I vividly remember walking the streets of my small town’s plaza as a child during festivals and looking up and seeing the whole sky covered in a variety of brightly multicolored cut-paper decorations,” Guzman said in an interview with Voyage Dallas. “The visual was compelling and it made me realize that our world should always be abundant with color.”

As for the mural itself, the artist said, “I hope that my vibrant and interactive mural will teleport the public to a classic Texas western landscape. You'll see some colorful and funky cacti, cowboy hats and the overall spirit of Downtown Arlington.”

Inspired by Women Inspiring Philanthropy

This mural is sponsored by our cultural arts patron Women Inspiring Philanthropy, a community organization of women dedicated to transforming and improving the quality of life for all people living in Arlington, Texas. Women Inspiring Philanthropy combines annual donations from members in order to award large grants to a variety of local organizations in the Arlington neighborhood. Their selflessness and benevolence inspires countless numbers of people and serves as a catalyst for keeping the community's hopes, dreams, and aspirations alive, not just financially, but mentally as well.

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