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YUM! Seasonal Fall Flavors to Make the Most of International Coffee Day

by Jalen Robinzine 

It’s there when you wake up. It’s there when you’re having a long day at the office. It’s there when you’re pulling an all-nighter working on the essay you avoided all week. It’s there when the new Netflix release has you hooked and you just need to watch “one more episode,” but we all know you mean the whole season. It’s the drink that’s untethered by any concept of time.

You don’t have to ask what “it” is, for you already know exactly what I’m talking about. Coffee. Whether you drink it hot, cold, with creamer, no creamer, or three shots of espresso, coffee is a mainstay in almost half of all households across the country. What about yours? At my house, no other beverage can give me the cartoonish superpower to float room by room and into the kitchen on the smell alone. Even if you don’t drink it, chances are you’ve still fallen in love with the smell of freshly-brewed coffee.

In fact, did you know the smell of coffee can boost productivity and improve analytical thinking? So the next time someone says it’s an addiction, just tell them you need it to be a better employee. #CaffeineProud

On October 1st, you can pour all of your pride into celebrating International Coffee Day! Just in time for Fall, it’s the perfect occasion to go out and get your favorite cup of coffee or try a new seasonal flavor.

Thankfully, Downtown Arlington has a plethora of coffee purveyors who are eager to offer you their own unique twist on our favorite, delicious addiction!

Inclusion Coffee

Inclusion Coffee

Inclusion boasts five new Fall flavors that'll satisfy every level of coffee-drinker. This menu includes Housemade Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Brew, “Sweater Weather,” Apple Spiced Chai, and the “Mr. Tumnus Latte,” a cookie butter and cardamom latte.

Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters

Salter Bros. has six new seasonal blends roasting this spooky season, including a Pumpkin Spice Latte, White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Mocha, Blood Moon Mocha, Headless Horseman, Frosted Amaretto, and Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.

Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

Sugar Bee Sweets is buzzing with Fall spirit with a wide selection of Fall-inspired drinks and baked goods; these include a Snickerdoodle coffee, Pumpkin Pie Latte, Honey Ice Latte, and a Hummingbird cupcake. And, if nothing on the menu fits your fancy, don’t fret! You can mix and match your own blend of seasonal flavors, or you can place a special order with the bakery.

White Rhino Coffee Arlington

White Rhino Coffee is introducing three Autumn-themed beverages, including the Southern Cider, Autumn Spice Latte, and Chai Tea Latte with a pumpkin spice syrup. 

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