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Young artist, innovator brings fashion-forward brand and business to Downtown Arlington

Who is Tex Moton?

When Tex Moton walks into a room, you know it. He’s like a flash mob of one: dynamic, spontaneous and animated. He can’t contain his own energy, and you wouldn’t want him to. For someone as young as Tex, he has a lot of stories to tell about art, fashion, business, faith and friendship.

Luckily for us, the flash mob has come to Downtown Arlington to stay.

[caption id="attachment_7468" align="img-wrapright" width="404"]YUMS, Howard Tex in Downtown Arlington Howard "Tex" Moton[/caption]

Howard “Tex” Moton was born to innovate. Growing up a talented graffiti artist, Tex began applying his penchant for bold colors and patterns in a retail space when, in 2007, he founded YUMS. By 2010, he was heavily involved in the fashion and music industry as a “sneaker head,” designing footwear for the likes of Soulja Boy, Dorrough and Sean Kingston.

Growth of YUMS

In the last few years, YUMS: You Understand My Style has evolved alongside its founder, going straight to the top: of the charts and of your head.

“It’s been such an adventure!” said Moton. “I’ve grown as an artist and a designer so much, and YUMS as a brand has really found its stride in the headwear industry. At YUMS, we really look at hats as canvases to display art, and that's the approach that has set us apart on the shelves.”

YUMS and Downtown Arlington

Moving his growing business to Downtown Arlington in 2015 was a strategic move and natural fit.

“We just love the new energy and feeling in this area,” said Moton. “So many cool and creative businesses are settling in here. I'm very much looking forward to watching the development and cultivation of this whole area in the next few years.”

“We repeatedly hear this sentiment from young, creative upstarts,” said Tony Rutigliano, president and CEO of the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation. “Whether they’re looking for their first office space or expanding their business, Downtown Arlington provides value, flexibility, accessibility and partnerships that few other urban areas can.  And as our downtown revitalization continues, these successful entrepreneurs recognize the value of their investment will increase over time.”

Moton acknowledges that partnerships built on shared synergies have been the key to growing YUMS. “From our extended family at the headwear-driven, retail powerhouse Lids, to our friends Alison Panasik and Allison Lewis with the Dallas Mavericks, it's truly been a blessing. Now I'm looking forward to the new year and working with Tony on a couple of mural projects to bring more art to our Downtown Arlington streets!”

Murals? It seems that no matter how busy this young entrepreneur gets, he never forgets his roots. “The current mural project I'm working on,” said Moton, “is at the Dallas Apparel Market with a buddy of mine. We are doing very energetic and colorful piece for the interior layout of a vendor's booth. Great fun!”

That’s Tex: celebrating the love of life and good times through his brand and his actions. Welcome to Downtown Arlington, YUMS. Learn more about YUMS at

Catch the spirit of innovation in Downtown Arlington HERE.

Bonus Footage

With any flashmob, you have to rewatch the video to catch everything. To that end, here’s the bonus footage from our interview with Tex.

Downtown Arlington: What do you like about having your business in Downtown Arlington?

Tex: All of the new development and the diversity of restaurants! I love trying new foods (LOL)!

DA:  What advice would you give to anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur, or an aspiring artist, or both?

Tex: Trust your heart! You have got to believe in your vision. The road to reach your dreams never quite looks the way you thought or planned. Keep up the good fight! Adversity will come, and in those times, you have to remember the reason you started the journey and hold that tight and close. Ask God to place people in your life who share your passion and vision, because at the end of the day, you are only as strong as the men and women standing with you.

DA: As we talk, I can't help but think about the DREAM statue right in the middle of Downtown Arlington. What does the word “dream” mean to you?

Tex: The launching pad for imagination, to do the things most think are impossible. Dreams are the reality to me, and reality is the area in between you reaching them.

YUMS Headwear coming to Downtown Arlington