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What is the Downtown Arlington Creator Club?

About the Creator Kits

The Downtown Arlington Creator Club offers a full range of benefits to its members. From access to specialized equipment rentals to invitations to cultural district mixers, creators are awarded with the opportunity to build their personal brand and develop their skills to a professional level. The “Creator Kits” are intended to provide members with the tools necessary to explore and experience new proficiencies that would help elevate their careers. For instance, the Short Film Creator Kit includes 2 Sony film cameras, tripods, mics, and lighting, all equipment that they will be working with in the industry.

Creator Kits range from $10-$70 and are available to rent for a period of 3 days, but members can extend that time for an additional fee if their projects require it. Previous projects include audio and video podcasts, professional recordings of youth sports, live streamed concerts at local bars, and hosting events. Creator Kits are limited to only the user’s imagination, for they can be adapted to a variety of purposes. Furthermore, their flexibility makes them a tool not just for individuals, but businesses as well. Most local or small businesses often don’t have the budget to accommodate a full multimedia collection. These kits have proven to be essential in giving people the resources they need to succeed, without being restrained by their circumstances.

Join the Club

Additionally, joining the club will connect artists and local businesses with other likeminded creators. Networking is an essential aspect of the creative industry, therefore the Creator Club serves as a catalyst to connecting the right people with the right opportunities. As a result, this club is nurturing a growing creative community in Arlington and giving them a chance to strengthen their abilities and introduce them to new fields. Whether you’re a beginner or an industry leader, the Creator Kits are designed to complement every level of knowledge members bring to the table.