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Via Rideshare Expands Citywide

Arlington’s on-demand public transit service, Via Rideshare, will expand city-wide on Tuesday, January 19, reaching all neighborhoods, shopping centers, offices, restaurants, medical facilities and other key destinations. Via will also continue to pick up and drop off riders at the CentrePort TRE Station.

In 2017, Arlington and Via launched Via Rideshare Arlington and became one of the first cities in the country to use on-demand technology as their primary public transportation solution to expand access to affordable, efficient, and convenient transit solutions. Now in its fourth year, the service continues to provide an equitable and flexible on-demand transit offering that is free from fixed routes and schedules. Via’s platform routes passengers in real time to “virtual bus stops” within just a couple blocks for pickup and drop off, enabling multiple passengers headed in the same direction to efficiently share a single vehicle.

More than 39,000 accounts have been created and more than 470,000 rides have been taken on Via Rideshare since the service launched.

"Every city in America is looking at ways to improve public transportation and mayors across the country continue to recognize Arlington’s rideshare program with Via as the gold standard for transportation solutions," Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams said. "We are so excited about the citywide expansion and the difference that Via continues to make in our community. On-demand rideshare also improves overall equity here in Arlington, making sure all of our residents have cost-effective access to transportation so they can make it to work, appointments or shopping destinations." 

“Arlington is an undisputed global leader in providing smart, accessible transit for the community, and the citywide expansion of the service is an opportunity to further improve economic and social mobility for residents,” said Daniel Ramot, Via CEO and co-founder. “We are proud to be a part of this milestone and to continue to demonstrate how flexible, technology-enabled public transit solutions can be transformational for cities and residents alike.”

For more information and rates, click here.

Shared in partnership with the City of Arlington