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UT Arlington students graduate as learned citizens, workforce-ready employees

(source: UT Arlington) The University of Texas at Arlington conferred degrees to more than 5,200 graduation candidates in commencement ceremonies held Dec. 12-14, 2019 at College Park Center.


The newest graduates joined about 240,000 UTA alumni, who earn the highest first-year median wage of graduates from any UT System academic institution, according to the 2019 UT Smartbook.


UTA has made employment readiness an explicit part of its mission, providing students with both a broad education and employable skills that empower graduates not only to be learned citizens but also be assured of gainful employment in a constantly changing world.


State Sen. Beverly Powell, a member of the state Senate Higher Education Committee, said UTA makes the promise of higher education accessible to thousands of North Texas students while helping meet the workforce needs across Texas and beyond.


“Through its remarkable growth and evolution, UTA is enhancing the North Texas region by educating its citizens and preparing them for high-paying jobs in industries that our crucial to our economy,” Powell said. “In addition, the university is addressing a substantial need for research demands that only a major, top-flight research academic institution can meet.”






Click here to read the full story by Herb Booth, UT Arlington Media Relations. Photo of College of Nursing and Health Innovation commencement ceremony by Randy Gentry.