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Truth Vinyl puts a new spin on the old record store

When you walk into Truth Vinyl for the first time, you’ll likely have one of two reactions. If you’re under thirty, you’ll probably nod approvingly and say, “Cool.” If you’re over forty, you'll probably nod approvingly and say, “Wow. This isn’t anything like the old record store in my hometown.”

Girl, put your records on

Have you heard? Vinyl is back. In 2016, record sales in the United States rose for an eleventh consecutive year, according to data reported by The Vinyl Factory. Demand worldwide also continues to skyrocket, so much so that Sony recently announced plans to open a record-pressing plant in Japan to cope with the huge demand in that country alone.

The whole truth and nothing but

The newest purveyor of vinyl’s global renaissance is Truth Vinyl, located at 300 E. Abram St. Suite 190 in Downtown Arlington. While it’s certainly a retail shop – with a selection of over 50,000 vintage and new records (plus knowledgeable support in purchasing sound systems) – Truth is also place where folks can come and stay awhile.

The in-house playlist, of course, is as wide as it is deep. There’s an elevated, modern soft-seating area at the back of the store that easily converts into a stage for live music. At the front of the store, three stylish listening stations with turntables and headsets allow shoppers to sample from the floor. All this is wrapped in a crisply contemporary interior design of white with pops of yellow.

Every inch of Truth Vinyl is in service to people who love music. Even the listening stations and record bins are like reverent pedestals.

“I worked in advertising for thirty years,” owner Ric Delzell told D Magazine in a recent interview. “I wanted to do something different. To me this was personal.”

Grab a drink and come on over

If you’re familiar with the 300 Block of Abram Street, you know that Flying Fish and Namoo Korean Bowl are visible from the street and tucked behind them are Truth Vinyl and Hooligan’s Pub. All four share a common alley-turned-brick patio designed for chatting, dining and mingling. In a stroke of placemaking genius, Truth and Hooligan’s will team up, allowing the pub’s patrons to stroll across the patio with their beverages, then take in all that Truth Vinyl has to offer.

Music to our ears.

For more information

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