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The Man's Shop by Wally Hardin: A man's one-stop shopping trip

Arlington TX Men's Fashion

Sometimes, department stores can tend to get a bit overwhelming and not to mention personal assistance is very limited. The Man’s Shop on the other hand is anything but overwhelming.

The Man’s Shop by Wally Hardin is located 100 S. West St., just off of Cooper Street, and is the ultimate man’s shopping experience. It is privately owned by Wally Hardin and has a small but well-informed staff. The minute you step in you get a homey personal vibe unlike any other retail store.

There are competitors all around in the area, but what makes The Man’s Shop so special is the amazing customer service they offer. They not only are knowledgeable in everything they sell and carry, but they also cater to your taste.

Types of Men's Clothing

They have many different types of suits and dress shirts from all different kinds of designers, including some of the best. They even give you the option to custom make your own suit if none of the ones offered fit to your standard. They have a booklet from which you can choose not only the fabric but also the buttons and the lining on the inside.

The Man’s Shop has it all in one place from a shoe shining corner to a tailor, and they sell everything from shoes to ties to socks to complete any outfit. They even carry casual wear if you’re not interested in committing to a suit.

They are on the pricey end, but if you want quality and well-fitted items that will last time and time again, I highly suggest you stop by The Man’s Shop.

Have you been to the Mans Shop by Wally Hardin? What did you think of your visit?

Hibah Kawsara is a UTA junior pursuing fashion print journalism.