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The Gathering

“I went to the best restaurant last night.”

We love conversations that start this way, don’t we?

Even if we’re not self-proclaimed foodies, we all enjoy a good meal, particularly one that’s worth talking about the next day. A scrumptious entrée, unique side dishes, desserts too decadent to share, the perfect pairings – when gastronomic magic happens, our taste buds aren’t the only ones taking note.

Sometimes a meal sparks memories of Mom’s home cooking or a long-ago vacation. Sometimes a meal is memorable because it’s like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. Often a meal is memorable because it’s more than the food – it’s also the ambiance, the people we’re with, or a special occasion.

Finding out from a friend about an outstanding dining experience is one thing; discovering it ourselves is quite another. Come on, everyone wants to be the first in their group to report on a new place. Well, have we got a scoop for you. But this time, instead of telling your friends after the fact, be sure to bring them along.

This unique culinary adventure is a new pop-up dinner series called The Gathering, and it’s happening in Downtown Arlington. Each time an event is held, a featured chef will prepare a one-of-a-kind meal on site in a unique dining location. The Gathering locations will range from outdoors to warehouses to other cool urban spaces.

“We continue to look for ways to build pride in our downtown and our city,” said Tony Rutigliano, president and CEO of Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, “and The Gathering provides another opportunity to build that community spirit.”

While Dallas and Ft. Worth have seen their share of pop-up, underground and secret dinner parties, The Gathering has a unique commitment to creating a sense of place. “As the revitalization of Downtown Arlington continues to build momentum,” said Rutigliano, “we want to be sure we’re capturing an authentically cool and unique vibe.”

The only way to find out about The Gathering is to register for notifications online. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive announcements about each pop-up event. Be sure to respond and reserve your seat at the table quickly, because space will always be limited.

The time to register is now, because the first event is on Tuesday, December 1. Entitled “The Sneak Peak Gathering,” this inaugural dinner is popping up inside a downtown venue that hasn’t opened yet. Talk about exclusive!

Visit and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to register for pop-up event notifications. Click the link at the top of the page to make your reservations for The Sneak Peak Gathering.