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The Best 5 Downtown Developments from 2014

There’s a lot of change that happens in downtown Arlington throughout the year, so much of the excitement goes unnoticed. Fortunately, we took tabs and are about to share the five most innovative projects moving downtown forward!

1. South Street Patio

J. Gilligan’s Bar was tired of Austin getting the credit for live music, so they brought the stage a little closer. South Street Patio opened this year with an 8,000-square foot room to fit hundreds of patrons and a few jamming band members. From beer to Irish Nachos, the venue offers a party space for students and professionals alike. At this point, it’s hard to believe just a short time ago the building was a Goodyear garage. If you’re itching for a good time, we recommend heading over to 400 E. South Street to South Street Patio, and grabbing a bite.

2. myAbram Campaign

We had a few ideas to improve the view out our window, and so did some key players in our myAbram campaign. With help from community leaders around Arlington, Downtown Arlington Management Co. lead an effort to make Abram Street more pedestrian-friendly and community-oriented. After proposing a couple ideas to Arlington City Council, our ideas made progress and Abram Street was approved for a make-over. With better on-street parking, continuous sidewalks, and many more exciting renovations, we can’t wait to report on the future of Abram Street.

3. Central Library Project

The George W. Hawkes Central Library shuts its doors, Arlington opens the future to a new and shining complex in its place. The Central Library is still in planning phases, but the $30 million development already has some impressive numbers. The library’s land is 80,000 square feet of city buildings, and will include a public plaza, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and several other improvements. All together, they create the City Center, a proud new focal point for our growing downtown.

4. College Park District

College Park UTA’s growth continues to amaze, and their latest project adds some greenery to downtown. College Park provides a lovely gate to those entering or exiting downtown by Center Street. In a special combined effort from the university and the city, The Green at College Park is a beautiful and tree-laden parkway for students and pedestrians. The College Park District contains both the park and the College Park Center, a much anticipated special events center for UTA’s sporting and speaking needs. To get pumped up at your favorite UTA Mavs game or to take a relaxing stroll through nature, head to College Park.

5. Thornton Inn

Remember the days when humanity relied on the rise and fall of the sun to power life? In 2014, that may seem far away, but Thornton home had the first gas lights in Arlington. Once a home built in 1906, then a fraternity, and now a beautiful place to stay, the Thornton Inn finally opened its doors to guests this year. A visit to this new addition to downtown will bring you back a century, but only in appearance. Wi-fi and cable are just a few of the modern conveniences this bed and breakfast has to offer. Complementary breakfasts are provided to guests who stay in the luxurious bedrooms. Innkeepers Jimmy and Debbie South invite you to rest your head at your new home-away-from-home.