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Sláinte! What to do (and what to say) this St. Patrick’s Day

Anchored by J. Gilligan’s 40th annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party, Downtown Arlington is THE place to spend this St. Patrick's Day weekend. When the green beer flows later this week, you’ll find plenty of great destinations to meet your friends, raise a glass, and listen and dance to live music.

Performing on stages all around Downtown are Dynamite Rabbit and Stingray (J. Gilligan’s), The Pub Crawlers (Hooligan’s Pub), Bobby Duncan and Tamara King Duo (Legal Draft), Mescaline Americans and Strangle Love (The Tipsy Oak), just to name a few.

On the Tip of Your Tongue 

We also recommend that you brush up on some wise words and witticisms that our pals from across the pond have coined throughout the generations. Impress your shams (friends) with deadly (fantastic) phrases like:

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh! (pronounced Ban-ock-tee na fay-lah paw-rig ur-iv) Be sure to say this one before midnight. It means “Saint Patrick’s Day blessing upon you!”

Story horse? Downtown Arlington is the kind of place where you’re sure to bump into friends. “What’s the story, horse?” — abbreviated as “story horse?” — is how you ask a pal what’s new.

Craic (pronounced crack): Fun times and good conversation

I’m as weak as a salmon in a sandpit. This means “I’m hungry” (to be followed by an order of Irish Nachos at J. Gilligan’s, of course).

We’re sucking diesel now. When you’ve found success, not by luck but by your own merit, pat yourself on the back by saying, “I’m sucking diesel.” What a perfect excuse to propose a toast. Such as…

Sláinte (pronounced sl-oyn-tah): Derived from the Old Irish adjective slán (which means “safe”), sláinte literally means “health,” and is used as a quicker version of, “I drink to your health!”

May misfortune follow you the rest of your life and never catch up. Another toast, to be followed by a round of green beer. Or if you prefer, sweet tea.

Here's a taste of how our road is rising up to meet you. Watch our events calendar on our website and Facebook page for details.

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Downtown Arlington

Friday, March 15