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Sixty Seconds with Ryan Dodson

What makes Downtown Arlington so special? Community. Our eclectic and ever-evolving district is made up of entrepreneurs, students, families, volunteers, art patrons, restaurateurs … and we’re just getting started.

In our “Sixty Seconds” feature, we pull up a virtual chair and chat with members of the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation Board of Directors, a group that’s been instrumental to envisioning, encouraging and driving Downtown’s vitality.

Today, meet Ryan Dodson.

DAMC role: Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors|

Day job: President of Development, Dodson Companies

[caption id="attachment_20117" align="img-wrapleft" width="383"]Urban Union ribbon cutting Urban Union ribbon-cutting[/caption]

Downtown Arlington:  What was your very first job?

Ryan Dodson:  Painting warehouses on Division Street for my Dad and Grandad. Later, I got smart and became a lifeguard at Wet’n’Wild (now Hurricane Harbor).

DA:  If you could invite four people to a dinner party (non-family, living or deceased), who would they be?

RD:  The Highwaymen (Waylon, Johnny, Willie and Kris)

DA:  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you?

RD:  A currently unknown but up-and-coming actor

DA:  Which Arlington schools did you attend?

RD:  Key Elementary, Boles Jr. High and Martin High School

DA:  What’s your favorite Arlington tradition and why?

RD:  4th of July Parade. It’s great. When I went when I was a kid, I sat in McDonald’s parking lot every year.

DA:  What advice would you give someone who just moved to Arlington?

RD:  Move close to Downtown and revitalize an old home. I think there are lots of opportunities!

DA:  Where is your favorite place in Downtown Arlington to meet friends and why?

RD:  I love Cave’s Lounge. Such a great dive bar, and that patio…

DA:  If money was no object, what is one thing you’d do to further the revitalization of Downtown Arlington?

RD:  Build a train station for commuter rail and build housing, like condos, townhomes and funky duplexes. Downtown is a cool neighborhood and I think people want to live here, but we need more options in housing.