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See you at the top at Dyno-Rock

by Tiffany Hamm

You’ll need to grab some gear and strap up for this work out.

Dyno-Rock Climbing Center, located in Downtown Arlington, offers a variety of indoor climbing activities you can do just for fun or to stay in shape.

Each rock wall at Dyno-Rock challenges climbers by using different obstacle placements to create several difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard.

Not sure where to start?

Dyno-Rock has several different classes to choose from.

Climbing Fitness classes train groups of climbers to get the most exercise out of their climb based on each climbers’ own experience level.

Instructional classes provide basic introduction and movements for beginners.

Lead classes take experienced climbers to the next level of climbing by attaching a second climber to a lead climber.

Why Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing helps to lead a happier and healthier life, according to the Huffington Post.

The main four things that rock climbing can do for you are the following:

      • Build muscle and endurance
      • Boost brain function
      • Reduce Stress
      • Teach life skills

Like any sport or exercise, rock climbing builds muscle. Climbing targets upper and lower body muscles, burns calories and increases flexibility to maneuver around obstacles.

To get to the top of the rock, each move must be strategically planned to have a successful route. Climbing requires lots of problem-solving skills in addition to physical ability.

Climbing can also reduce stress because exercising increases the brain’s chemical that moderates its response to stress.

Ready to climb?

Dyno-Rock offers daily passes, monthly passes, yearly passes and family memberships for rock climbing. Make sure to print and complete the rock climbing waiver at home so you’ll be ready to climb when you

For directions and climbing hours, check out the Dyno-Rock website.

Do you consider rock climbing a work out? Share your own experience and thoughts about rock climbing.

About the blogger: Tiffany Hamm is a Texas gal, aspiring broadcast reporter, UTA student and dedicated gym buff. She blogs about fitness at Go Hamm on It.