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Religion in Downtown Arlington

Downtown Arlington is a growing community, and includes many old and new traditions.  Religion makes up a considerable part of any community.  There are several different religious institutions within downtown Arlington that provide events for the community. 

First Baptist Church Arlington

First Baptist Church of Arlington lies within the downtown district.  FBC Arlington can tell us many different things about the community itself.  It has many different events FBCA that cater to a varied population.  It has a more contemporary setting for its younger crowd, as well as a more traditional setting.  This is showed mainly through the type of music that they play at different events and services.  FBC Arlington has events for families, singles, couples and people from any walk of life.  This is a reflection of the people of Arlington itself.  They come from all different backgrounds, and downtown Arlington has something to reach them all. 

Calvary Church

Calvary Church has three different locations: Dallas, Irving, and downtown Arlington.  This church has a very modern theme and a strong ministry for students, singles and young married couples.  Though Calvary has something for everyone, it appeals more to a younger crowd with its modern setting.  With UTA being in the same area, this church has a strong representation for the students that are in the area.  Although not all UTA students are from Arlington, once moving to campus they become an essential part of the downtown Arlington community. 

These churches and two others, Baha'I Faith and Saint Alban's Episcopal Church, help to enrich the culture in downtown Arlington.  They also reflect who the community is and what demographics are within the population.  The churches in downtown Arlington help to give purpose to the community and pull everyone together to feel like they are part of something that is bigger than themselves. 

What do you think religious places add to the community?

Kelsey Thompson is a senior journalism major at UTA.  She will graduate in December and seeks to further her career in news and politics.