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North Texans Must Look Out for One Another to Bike, Walk & Drive Safely

Pedestrian Safety in North Texas

Across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, people bike, walk and drive to jobs, schools, grocery stores and other destinations. The Look Out Texans campaign encourages North Texans to watch out for one another and offers specific tips to bike, walk and drive safely together. The campaign also features North Texans, helping bring a greater sense of community and respect to our roads.

In North Texas between 2010 and 2014, there were more than 8,200 reported bicycle and pedestrian crashes involving motor vehicles that resulted in more than 500 fatalities, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Local, state and federal transportation partners are focused on improving the safety for all road users through roadway design solutions as well as increasing awareness of how people can bike, walk and drive safely.

Bike Safety

For example, people bicycling should follow the same traffic rules as vehicles, ride in the same direction as traffic, always stop at traffic signals and stop signs and use hand signals to notify others of maneuvers like turning, changing lanes and stopping.

Walking Safety

People walking must be alert and visible. Pedestrians should always cross streets at crosswalks and intersections where they can gauge traffic and be visible. Before crossing, eye contact with drivers ensures they were seen. Crossing at unmarked areas, between parked cars or between vehicles stopped at a traffic signal is not safe because motorists may not see pedestrians.

Driving Safely

Finally, people driving should allow at least three feet when passing someone on a bicycle. State law allows bicyclists to ride on roadways and use the middle of a lane. Drivers must also look out for people walking, always yielding to crossing pedestrians. Drivers should remember that people walking, bicycling and driving in North Texas are their neighbors and friends.

Understanding how people bicycling, walking and driving should interact together is important to improving safety on area roads and protecting our friends, families and neighbors. To see all 21 safety tips that will be highlighted around the region and learn more about the Look Out Texans campaign, visit