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Meet Your New Arlington Ambassadors

On November 1st, 2023, Downtown Arlington welcomed its first Clean and Safe Ambassador Program provided by Block by Block. These ambassadors work to keep our downtown streets clean and safe to proactively help manage our developing district.

Since the start of their contract, our Arlington Ambassadors have removed over 15,000 pounds of trash, 84 stickers, and 2 cases of graffiti. They have also provided hospitality assistance to over 87 people, established connections with about 47 different businesses, and provided a safety escort for someone in need.

Get to know our boys in blue (and yellow) below and feel free to say hello as you see them out and around Downtown Arlington!

Meet Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson was born in Germany and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. After retiring from the Air Force after over 20 years of service, he returned to Texas where he has worked several customer-service-related jobs. Customer service continues to be a passion, as he loves meeting and connecting with new people and finds joy in making sure their needs are met.

When he’s off the clock from Block by Block, Kevin Johnson is on full-time grandparent duty as the proud grandfather of two precious girls and a third child on the way! His favorite hobby is all types of live entertainment, from theatre to concerts to sporting events. When attending a show at the Levitt Pavilion or Theatre Arlington, keep your eyes open because you won’t see Kevin too far behind.

Meet William Cooper

William was born in Wisconsin and raised in North Texas. Growing up, he spent his time split between both states, working a wide variety of community-focused jobs from caregiving to service to sanitation. He loves meeting new people and making a difference through helping people and going above and beyond to take care of others.

When he’s not throwing away thousands of pounds of trash with Block by Block, William is throwing an average score of 150 at the bowling alley in his free time. If you run into William while walking down the sidewalks of Downtown, feel free to stop and chat for awhile about all the fun and games available nearby.

Meet Nick Barree

Nick Barree was born and raised just south of Arlington in Cedar Hill, Texas. Barree graduated high school in 2022 and has worked in the customer service industry for years, granting him the necessary experience to provide exceptional service and engagement every day with Block by Block. His favorite thing about working Downtown is the opportunity to meet new people daily as well as working with coworkers who not only make the job easier but more enjoyable as well.

Outside of work, Nick loves going to the gym and hanging out with friends. If you’re ever in need of a cool hangout destination Downtown, be sure to ask Nick for any recommendations for nearby food, fun, and entertainment.

Hours of Operation

Sunday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Litter removal

Graffiti abatement

Power washing

Business check-ins

Hospitality escorts