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Looking for a unique gift? Start with Collected Treasures.

Shoppe owner Jana Holland

Have you ever tried to find that perfect gift?  It's such an amazing feeling when the recipient lights up with gratitude and pure joy.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find those unique gifts in today's world, but I stumbled up a special little place right here in the heart of Downtown Arlington that is like no other.

As you enter Collected Treasures, located at 406 West Main Street,  you immediately get a sense of the wonderful uniqueness and eclectic offerings that sets it apart from other retail stores.  The owner's specialty is French and cottage designs, with the creativity to turn reclaimed and remade items to instants treasures.  Jana  Holland, the store owner, says, " Repurposing [sic] cast of items and making someone want them again is a wonderful feeling."

But, don't be surprised when you make your second visit to Collected Treasures and don't find any of the same items from before. Holland diligently works to rotate in new inventory each month. And, beginning February 15, the store will only be open on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of the month.  In addition to the new inventory, Holland plans to invite various artists and design specialists each month to enhance the experience of her patrons.  

You'll definitely want to take a trip to Downtown Arlington to visit this little gem.  This unique specialty shoppe is definitely a place where you'll find that "just-right" gift for that special someone, because as Holland puts it, "Collected Treasures is definitely not your run of the mill antique store, but one that is guaranteed to feed your soul and senses with memories from the past combined with wonderful ideas for today."

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