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“If It’s Free, It’s for Me”: 4 Reasons to Visit the Levitt Pavilion Arlington this Spring!

The Levitt Pavilion Arlington announced the schedule for this season, continuing its commitment to providing fun, entertainment, and learning opportunities for the entire family to experience! If you’ve been living under a rock, the Levitt Pavilion is a unique outdoor concert and event venue dedicated to bringing a diverse range of artists to Downtown Arlington under the comfort of the sun and the glow of the shining stars.

Concerts on the Levitt lawn consist of lawn chairs, picnic baskets, food trucks, and a genuine feeling of connection to those around you. The breeze blows slightly but you can’t even tell because you’re already swaying with the sweet rhythms of the music. As the sun sets, the stage is engulfed in a beautiful shade of sun-kissed orange. It’s truly a night to remember. And, to top it all off, it’s free!

If that sounds like your idea of a perfect afternoon outdoors, then keep on reading for 4 reasons to visit the Levitt Pavilion this Spring!

1. Free Concerts Galore

If you find yourself saying “if it’s free, it’s for me” anytime your group chat suggests plans for the weekend, then the Levitt Pavilion Arlington is where you need to be. From now all the way to July, visitors can enjoy music from a variety of talented artists and genres, from jazz to Tejano to country.

This season is stacked with familiar favorites such as Squeezebox Bandits on June 23rd, Bob Schneider on July 2nd, Shamarr Allen on June 25th, and Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band on May 7th. Concerts at the Levitt are the perfect way to experience your favorite performers in an intimate environment. Break free from the confines of a traditional event venue and get up close and personal with the minds behind your go-to playlists.

2. Year-Long Cultural Celebrations

Downtown Arlington is the culmination of cultures, lifestyles, and traditions from all around the world. To celebrate this diversity and represent our unique blend of communities, the Levitt Pavilion Arlington partnered with the mayor’s different cultural advisory councils last year to throw heritage-specific festivals.

The heritage festivals kicked off with the American Muslim Heritage Celebration last month where visitors had the opportunity to try Muslim cuisine while listening to traditional music and dance and a performance of a Syrian sword fight.

Next up this year is the Asian Heritage Celebration on Saturday, April 15th! Come on out and support local vendors and experience traditions from across the Asian region, such as fashion shows, poetry, a sumo demonstration, and the famous Lion dance. This event, like most events at the Levitt, is free to attend and will feature food trucks and live music to help set the scene. Future celebrations include Arlington Juneteenth Jubilee, LGBTQ+ Pride, and a Hispanic Heritage Celebration.

3. DreamFest 2023

For the first time in Downtown Arlington history comes the inaugural DreamFest festival! Downtown Arlington was envisioned as a place where people could come together as one and prosper through connectivity. This is where neighbors become friends and where friends become family. As such, the Levitt is throwing one giant backyard party for their entire Downtown family to enjoy!

DreamFest 2023 festivities will start at 5:00pm on April 29th and include bounce houses, face painting, food and retail vendors, backyard games, and free live performances from Carlos Ramos, Straight Tequila Night, and David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales. Gather your friends and family and come celebrate the synergy of a community!

4. Discover and Support Local Rising Artists

Over the years, the Levitt Pavilion has supported artists of all calibers, from award-winning singers to breakthrough bands. This is in large part due to their "Share the Stage" initiative, where they partner local, up and coming artists with crowd-favorite performers to maximize exposure for new artists and enhance the audience's experience. 

Through this intiative, you’ll discover and fall in love with local artists, such as Mariachi Fuzion, Trent Walker, and Pugh Funk, as they open for all your favorite bands. Then, on June 4th as a celebration of the talented individuals with humble beginnings in Downtown, the Levitt is hosting “Home Grown Arlington," a joint passion project between Music Friendly Community Arlington and the Levitt Pavilion. Home Gown Arlington will feature performances from Arlington’s very own Almost Jaded, Abbey Brown, and Dawn and Hawkes. Come out and support the future leaders of the music industry!