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Hooligans Pub keeps friendly atmosphere on tap

By Kayla Dorr

After a long day of work, taking care of the kids or attending classes where people are pulling you in all directions, it's nice to go to a place where everyone knows your name and favorite drink and greets you with a smile. Hooligans Pub has become the Arlington equivalent to “Cheers.” 

Derek Thorne, bartender and regular patron when he's not working, said that the guests are why he keeps coming back to work every day.

"We get a really good crowd up in here," Thorne said. 

Hooligans Pub has been keeping the locals' drinks full since 1999 and has become an Arlington staple for a diverse crowd.

"Our guest list is a little bit of everything, 21 to 90 years old," Thorne said. 

Located in an upgraded space on Abram Street since St. Patty's Day 2012, Hooligans Pub (along with the nearby Kool Keg) is owned and operated by Estee and George Kranerov. Although the power couple is technically the boss of the place, they can also be found enjoying the lively spirit and strong spirits on a Tuesday evening on the other side of the bar with the other regulars. 

"I love it here; it's unlike any other place I've worked," Thorne said. 

The bar is covered in a rustic wood, and the bartenders' friendly disposition seems to entice all who enter to have just one more drink. Joe Valarde, bartender and patron, said their beer selection rivals that of bars like World of Beer and Flying Saucer. 

"We have a great variety of beer," Valarde said. "I didn't know anything about beer before I started working here." 

When the juke box isn't playing everything from Metallica to Celine Dion, Hooligans Pub has a stage above the bar that has live music on weekends. 

Although Hooligans Pub doesn’t have a food menu, Twisted Root and Freebirds are right next door, and patrons are encouraged to bring their take-out back into the bar. Sometimes, Twisted Root will even deliver your burger to your barstool so you don't have to miss a moment of good fun.