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Here are the top most diverse public universities in the US

(Fox Business, September 15, 2019)  With the U.S. Census Bureau reporting increases across the board among all races and ethnicities, it's no surprise to see public universities reflecting that same growth in diversity.


Between 2015 and 2016 alone, Asian and mixed-race populations became the fastest-growing demographics in the country, and while whites remain the largest represented group in the U.S., that figure will change by 2045, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.



That change will take place even sooner for Americans under the age of 18, which will reflect a shift toward “minority white” as soon as next year.



As the amount of minority students enrolling into colleges and universities increases as well, the demographic landscape of higher education is reflecting this nationwide shift, according to HeyTutor.












And the number 11th top diverse public university in the country? Downtown Arlington's own University of Texas at Arlington.



The University of Texas at Arlington has a total undergraduate enrollment of 33,307.



While 12,095 of those students are white, another 9,138 are Hispanic, 4,924 are black or African-American, and 3,783 are Asian.



With an overall diversity index of 74.51, this school invites all of its students to become “Multicultural Mavericks,” who host a variety of events on campus in support of diversity.



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