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“Eclectic” only begins to describe Downtown Arlington’s Cosmic Crow Collective

The Cosmic Crow Collective

When I walked into Cosmic Crow Collective for the first time, immediately I thought, “All college towns should have a place like this.”

With joyful intention, every inch of this eclectic Downtown Arlington newcomer is put to its best use. At the front of the boutique (is it a boutique?) sits an upright piano, drum sets and other musical instruments surrounded by a half circle of mismatched wooden chairs, each with its own cheerful accent pillow.

The center of the venue (is it a venue?) is an upcycler’s paradise, filled with vintage clothing, reimagined jewelry and spiral bound notebooks made from old record album covers and six pack cartons. Original art pieces and handmade crafts engulf the long service counter and display cases.

Toward the back of the gathering place (is it a gathering place?) is more work by local artisans plus a private meeting room, craft teas and coffee, apothecary and Steampunk-inspired items, yoga supplies and metaphysical provisions. And finally, through the back door, I discover on the patio something that can be described as either a large kiosk or small covered wagon: Madam Strangelove’s Emporium to be exact, which is full of more fun and funky treasures.

Equal parts boutique, venue and gathering place, Cosmic Crow Collective is positively kaleidoscopic.Cosmic Crow Collective in Downtown Arlington

The Crow is born

Cosmic Crow was established just over a year ago by long-time community organizer Tammie Carson and her daughter Melissa Dacy. Their vision is to bring together artists, musicians, healers, entertainers, teachers and community members who share a passion for making the world a better place. Cosmic Crow serves as the geographic center for those efforts.

“My daughter and I opened the Crow with the community in mind,” said Carson. “We want this to be a place that people can gather, take classes, be inspired and entertained!”

Aiden Hirshfield was drawn to Cosmic Crow from its earliest days and today provides marketing support and digital expertise. “The vibe is so positive and open. My spirit is rejuvenated whenever I’m here.”

Madam (Angel) Strangelove describes Cosmic Crow as having “a calming, inclusive energy with a strong community feel. A great place to experience the rich diversity here in Arlington.”

Abuzz with activity

Dog-friendly Cosmic Crow is home to several community organizations like ArlingtoN NightS, Livable Arlington, and Mindful Meditations. It offers a diverse selection of weekly classes like Tarot for Beginners, Theta Healing, and Digital Media 101. Every week, the shop also hosts Thirsty Thursdays with craft beer, open mic and an acoustic jam session often including drumming, tarot reading and meditation.

Saturdays on the Patio attract locals, including UT Arlington and TCC students, who enjoy beer, live music, vendors, artists, crafts, tarot and palm readings, and sometimes pet adoptions. Since Cosmic Crow’s patio adjoins with Division Brewing’s, the two startups have found synergy by co-hosting local and national musicians, festivals and art walks.

Commitment to green commerce

Carson and Dacy’s vision extends to embracing the environment. Much of the store’s inventory is eco-friendly, fair trade, upcycled and/or vegan and vegetarian. In fact, many of the upcycled items are handmade by the owners themselves including those spiral bound notebooks. Want to learn more? Check out this recent article by Rita Cook, an award-winning journalist based in Arlington.

New vendors welcome

A consignment-based shop, Cosmic Crow is accepting event-only vendors at this time, including artisans, teachers and musicians. Applications and more information can be found on the website or by calling Tammie at (817) 219-4870.

Post, tweet and tag

Facebook is the best place to go for up-to-the-minute information about Cosmic Crow Collective programs, concerts, events and new products (hint: there’s some great, live music on the calendar for later this month!) Follow Cosmic Crow on Instagram and their website too, and be sure to tag #cosmiccrow #dtArlington and #authenticallyArlington every time you visit.

About Downtown Arlington

Ranked as one of the top urban districts in the country in 2016 by TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals, Downtown Arlington Texas blends a unique mix of activities, sights, tastes and sounds that attract visitors and locals alike. Within its less than a two-mile radius, Downtown Arlington is home to a top tier public university, prolific cultural arts institutions and live entertainment, exciting NCAA and professional athletics, one-of-a-kind dining and retail, and a supportive business climate. Downtown Arlington brings together a plethora of cultures and inspirations with a character all its own.