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Downtown Outdoors: Play the Patio Personality Match Game!

Downtown Arlington has over twenty-five (!) bars, restaurants and entertainment destinations that offer outdoor seating. How well do you know their unique personalities? Play the Downtown Outdoors Patio Personality Game and find out! Remember, there really are no wrong answers when it comes to dining in Downtown Arlington. 

Click here or below to view and download a printable version of the game:

Downtown Outdoors  

Downtown Outdoors is a Downtown Arlington platform for discovering and experiencing the great outdoors in the heart of our city. Downtown Outdoors not only helps us see Arlington’s historical and cultural district differently, but creates opportunities to engage with our outdoor spaces through creative new programming that’s open to all. Click here to see a map of Downtown's patio-perfect dining options, or click here to create your own route for exploring Downtown’s public art installations.

These days especially, there are so many beneficial reasons to regularly step out into the sunshine. Research shows that social distancing in outdoor spaces is much more effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19 as compared to indoors. Spending time and exercising outside also provide all kinds of health benefits.

Let’s go outside and play!  #ExploreDTArlington

What’s your favorite way to play?  

What other ideas do you have for enjoying the great outdoors in the heart of your city? We’d love to hear from you.