Let’s go outside and play!

There are all kinds of parks in Arlington, Texas. There are parks with trails, and parks where your kids or dogs meet up with friends. There are parks with rides that take you up into the sky, and diamond-shaped parks where we love to hear the ump holler, “Play Ball!” 

Then there’s our favorite park, conveniently located at the center of it all. 

This park weaves together green spaces and colorful murals. Public art and mini-gardens tucked amongst architecture from kitschy to modern. Dozens of grid-patterned routes made for dog-walking, patio-hopping and 5Ks. Sounds of live music from inside local hangouts and outside in the night air. The vibe of a city center that’s not too big, not too small, but just right for meeting friends for a cup of coffee, catching a show, or taking a yoga class on the lawn. 

This park is Downtown Arlington.

Downtown Outdoors is Downtown Arlington’s platform for discovering and experiencing the great outdoors in the heart of the city. Downtown Outdoors not only helps us see Arlington’s historical and cultural district differently, but will create opportunities to discover and engage with the district’s many outdoor spaces through creative new programming that’s open to all.

Physically distant, socially active

As scientific understanding of the coronavirus continues to advance, we’ve learned that social distancing in outdoor spaces is much more effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19 as compared to indoors. Additionally, the general health benefits of spending time outside are well understood. 

According to Harvard Medical School, physical activity helps reduce stress, anxiety, and can provide some relief for depression. Breathing fresh air and spending time outside help many people relax, reduce stress and anxiety, increase motivation, and sleep better. Being outdoors, particularly in an urban environment, also keeps us connected with our community.

What’s your favorite way to play?

Downtown Outdoors will seek to create even more public places to gather, ideas for spending time with family and friends, programs to support healthy lifestyles, and ways to stay connected with your community. What other ideas do you have for enjoying the great outdoors in the heart of your city? We’d love to hear from you.

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