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Downtown Developments: Coming Soon to a City Near You

All around the city, you have likely encountered fences, cranes, cones, and “Road Work Ahead” signs, but don’t worry, these are all signs (no pun intended) of progress and reassurance that Arlington is healthy and thriving. New developments are an indication that people see the value in our community and are eager to join. Word of Downtown Arlington is catching on and everybody wants to become part of the story. Here’s a look at everything coming soon to a Downtown near you!

Mineral Well Public Plaza

The Mineral Well Public Plaza project began in October 2022 and is now complete, with a dedication ceremony scheduled for September 16th at 9:00 a.m. The history of Arlington’s historic Mineral Well dates back to the 19th century when it was originally drilled on the corner of Main and Center Street as one of almost 100 mineral wells spread across the entire state. Throughout our community's history people would migrate to Arlington to gather around the well, drink from its fountains, and connect with neighbors, strangers, and those who are just passing through town. Located at the heart of the city, the mineral well was a pillar in the community and a central point for markets, parades, rallies, and more.

When the Mineral Well was paved over in 1951, the Arlington community was disheartened to see the popular landmark leave. However, fast forward to today, through the combined efforts of the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation, the City of Arlington, and the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department, the historic Mineral Well returns!

The new plaza, located between City Hall and George W. Hawkes Library, will feature an architectural clock tower, water features, seating areas, and sculptural elements memorializing the well’s history in Arlington. Like its predecessor, Mineral Well Public Plaza will soon become again a strong cultural and physical landmark, grounding Downtown Arlington’s creative and social spirit.

Fire Station No. 1

The brand-new City of Arlington’s Fire Station No. 1 opens later this September. The two-story, 17,667-square-foot station will provide a better work and living space for Arlington’s firefighters, with the second story offering 12 private dorm rooms and separate men’s and women’s bathrooms with showers.

The future facility will feature larger drive-thru apparatus bays that can hold more equipment, training areas, indoor and outdoor kennels for the DFW region’s special K9 Unit, a full kitchen and dining room, and several offices. Visitors and residents will also be able to visit, look at historical equipment, such as the vintage 1953 fire truck, and learn more about the history and accomplishments of the Arlington Fire Department. Fire Station No. 1 will serve as a beacon of protection for the Arlington community and will provide a great community space that will engage the community.

Urban Union Phase Two

Downtown Arlington’s Urban Union just got bigger! Urban Union Phase 2 expands Urban Union further west and includes five new multi-story mixed-use buildings that will bring new restaurants, stores, offices, and now loft living to Downtown’s Front Street. The development is pedestrian-friendly with the construction of extra wide sidewalks and the introduction of something never-before-seen in Urban Union – housing. Spread across the second floors of the buildings, 24 loft apartments will sit above the new ground-level entertainment and food destinations. Residents will also be a stone throw away from the highly acclaimed, pre-established restaurants and retail currently located in Urban Union.

Once construction is completed in September, Sutton Frost Cary LLP, an accounting firm with a deep-rooted history in Arlington, will relocate its headquarters to the 11,000-square-foot second floor of the building located on the southeast corner of Front and Mesquite Streets. The expansion also includes head-in parking to ease the flow of traffic and supplement the projected increase in visitors. Opening in 2024, the 50,000-square-foot Urban Union expansion strengthens Downtown Arlington’s mission of crafting a place where people can park once and explore new ways to work, shop, live, and play, all in one destination.

Rotary Dream Park

Located on Front Street, between Mesquite and Center Streets, Rotary Dream Park is part of an overarching effort to better connect the thriving developments in Downtown’s Urban Union with the rest of the increasingly vibrant downtown district located south of the railroad tracks. During Phase 1 for the project, the Rotary Club of Arlington donated “Boundless,” a new interactive public art installation by Jen Lewin Studio, celebrating the club’s 100 years of dedication and service in the Arlington community. The Rotary Club of Arlington has proven to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the parks system in Arlington, and the Rotary Dream Park will be no exception.

In addition to “Boundless,” the park will include shaded seating, greenery, and the relocated DREAM sculpture! After residing on Abram Street for almost a decade, Downtown Arlington is donating the DREAM sculpture to the City of Arlington, anchoring this gorgeous new park with another iconic and beloved public art installation. The 12-foot-tall sculpture will stand as an elevated representation of the creativity and innovation taking place in Arlington, fondly known as the American Dream City. If you are downtown after dark, check out and jump around on the “Boundless” sculpture as it lights up and changes colors and enjoy the first piece of the new Rotary Dream Park, slated to open in October 2024, with phase 2 of the construction beginning Fall 2023.

Downtown Arlington Dog Park

Downtown Arlington is known for being a pet-friendly district, with many of our bars, restaurants, and coffee shops welcoming our furry friends with open arms and plenty of treats. However, downtown has long lacked a pet-centric destination for residents and visitors to play and socialize with their four-legged companions. That all changes Summer 2024! Located on Mesquite Street, north of the Municipal Tower Building, this new proposed dog area could feature infrastructure and activities dedicated to keeping your dog active and healthy. This project will offer pet owners more room to play and the opportunity for puppy playdates with like-minded pet owners. After receiving community feedback on the need for a dog area, Downtown Arlington has a plethora of events and programming up their sleeve once construction is completed.

This park was made possible in no small part through a $75,000 grant contribution from Project for Public Spaces, a world-renowned non-profit dedicated to partnering with communities to establish public spaces that uplift, connect, and strengthen community values. Design is currently underway with construction set to begin later this year. Stay on the lookout for more details about the proposed project and be sure to share the news with your tail-wagging best friends.

New Restaurants, Retail, and Fun!

This past year, Downtown Arlington welcomed in a great variety of new businesses from Commodities to Insomnia Cookies to The Chosen One Ink Tattoo Shop. In the coming months, as new developmental opportunities arise, expect many, many more! Cidarcade will be opening their Downtown Arlington location later this year, featuring over 250 arcade games, drinks by Bishop Cider, and $12 admission for unlimited play. Restaurants such as Spiral Diner, Doughboy Donuts, Cow Tipping Creamery, Coop’s Fowl Ball, and Taipo, a dual-concept restaurant serving Nepali flavors and other Asian cuisines with a speakeasy in the back, will be opening in the coming year as construction around Downtown Arlington continues.

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