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Downtown Arlington launches next gen website

With the launch of an all-new website at, the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation offers a completely new online experience for visitors and stakeholders of the City of Arlington's historic cultural district.

This next gen Downtown Arlington marketplace of resources boasts new branding, robust functionality, user-friendly search navigation, enriched storytelling of the district’s lively past and present, and member-generated content. The website was designed from the bottom up to serve the growing needs of Downtown and its many constituents.

“Downtown Arlington is in the midst of incredible transformation,” said Maggie Campbell, President and CEO of the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, “and we absolutely must have all the tools in place to keep people connected and engaged. A great website goes a long way to providing that critical communication hub.”

There are many stakeholders in need of that strong communication hub. The district’s sustained growth in start-ups and new business development continues to drive economic prosperity. Thanks to the ongoing diversification of housing options, more and more people are also calling Downtown home. The vibrancy of Downtown’s performing and fine arts culture draws more and more visitors to our district annually, and the palpable presence of the University of Texas at Arlington perpetuates an energetic spirit and thirst for innovation.

The new website provides a platform for Downtown's diversity of information and voices. It also delivers a breadth and depth of information quickly to visitors. Among the website’s features include:

Downtown Arlington welcomes your feedback and questions about the new website and its content. Contact us at

About Downtown Arlington

Designated by the State of Texas as the Arlington Cultural District, Downtown Arlington is where creativity, authenticity, and hometown pride thrive and drive what's next. Within its less than a two-mile radius, Downtown is home to a top tier public research university, prolific visual and performing artists and arts institutions, live entertainment, exciting NCAA and professional athletics, one-of-a-kind dining and retail, and a supportive business climate.  Stay in the know by subscribing to our e-newsletter and by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.