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Cheers to The Interurban!

Over just the last few years, Downtown Arlington has built a solid a reputation as a place for enjoying great craft beer, thanks to tasting rooms and pubs like Kool Keg, On Tap, Hooligan’s and The Tipsy Oak and local breweries, Legal Draft Beer Co. and Division Brewing.

Division Brewing is Arlington’s first locally owned and operated brewery. With a combined 20 years-experience with home brewing, founders Wade Wadlington and Sean Cooley have remained committed to crafting beer with unique takes on popular styles. Their reputation for pronounced hoppiness and unique flavor profiles and combinations have helped them build a strong local following.

Legal Draft is what happens when a trial lawyer and a medical logistics professional walk into a bar. Attorney Greg McCarthy and logistics guru Curt Taylor are longtime friends-turned-business partners, fulfilling an entrepreneurial dream to involve their hometown in the craft beer revolution and to participate in the revitalization of Downtown. The only production brewery in Arlington, Legal Draft makes a variety of beers headlined by crisp, easy-drinking lagers and traditional ales.

Across the Tracks

Politics might make strange bedfellows but proximity makes natural ones. With Division Brewing and Legal Draft located nearly right across the railroad tracks from each other, greatness was already in the making. A couple months ago, the Greg, Curt, Wade and Sean got together with Aldo Fritz, President and CEO of the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, and asked the inevitable: Is it true that two heads are better than one?

The delicious answer: Yes.

The Real Deal: The Interurban

Styles and flavors and names were discussed as the two brewing teams exchanged ideas about how to make a beer, or even a series of beers, honoring the history of their beloved hometown. The teams at Legal Draft and Division decided on a brown ale, historically known as the beer of the working man, and The Interurban series was born. The name for the series is an homage to the rail line that ran between Dallas and Fort Worth in the early 1900s, with Arlington as a primary stop along the way.

The Interurban is available at both Division Brewing and Legal Draft while quantities last.

Give Back As You Toss One Back

The Downtown Arlington Urban Art Movement, which DAMC recently launched, is a comprehensive commitment to public art and innovative placemaking. Through a series of creative initiatives, the goal is not only to support art and artists but to ignite economic activity and investment in Downtown, which is designated by the State of Texas as the Arlington Cultural District. In support of this vision, Legal Draft and Division Brewing will contribute 10% of the proceeds from the sale of The Interurban to the Downtown Arlington Urban Art Movement.

Cheers to The Interurban!

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