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A Student's First Trip to Downtown

I vaguely remember stumbling across a sign to downtown Arlington years ago, but that was the extent of my downtown experience.  I’ve been a student at UTA for almost two years, but until recently, I’d never been in downtown. So I was looking forward to seeing what I had been missing.

Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent there, even though I didn’t get a real downtown feeling while I walked around.  The shops gave off more of a small town charm.  One antique shop posted their hours as “by chance or appointment,” which I thought was funny, but also disappointing since they were closed and I love all things antique.

I stopped into Potager’s Other Stuff, a small knick-knack shop.  The owner was nice and personable.  She offered information on anything I was interested in.  The store had a lot of interesting items (I left with two). 

I stopped in Mijo’s for lunch.  The environment was very casual and comfortable—just my style.  The restaurants nearby seemed the have the same atmosphere.  The staff was very friendly, chatting with the customers and recommending tacos from the menu.

Even though the area doesn’t seem like a typical downtown that I’m used to, once you walk into the shops or restaurants, there’s a very welcoming feeling.  If the area were more walkable outside, I think it would be a little more inviting and would match the personality of the businesses.

I’d like to go back to explore some more.  With the fall weather coming in, I might like sitting out on a patio at one of the restaurants.  I’d also like to see a concert at The Levitt Pavilion and maybe visit the museum.

What are some of your favorite places in downtown Arlington?

Lauren Womble is a senior journalism student at UT Arlington. She loves words and is addicted to politics.