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A Poem of Thanksgiving from Downtown Arlington

In the heart of our city
along an historic railway,
there’s a thriving Downtown
where locals come to play

and eat, work, and study,
plus take in a show,
to make memories together
in their favorite places to go.

But who keeps Downtown humming
day in and day out
and drives its momentum
without a break or a doubt?

They’re Downtown Arlington heroes
who are often unsung
like Mission Arlington litter patrol 
and Whitmore and Sons.

It’s the countless volunteers
supporting our culture and arts,
who pitch in at events,
and give from their hearts.

It’s the congregations and churches
whose faith shines a light,
and the UTA students
whose futures are so bright.

One other group shines, too,
and inspires the whole
Business Improvement District
with its strength and its soul.

It’s the small business owners
whose pride in their places
and hometown hospitality 
puts smiles on our faces.

They’ve invested in talent,
in dreams big and small,
they’ve risked and they’ve rallied
in spite -- and because -- of it all.

So this week we give thanks
for all those by our side
who believe in Downtown’s future
and share our Arlington pride.

Photo cred: Sanford House Inn & Spa Facebook page