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7 Reasons I'm Thankful for Arlington

7. Baseball

I may not be a fan, but games areArlington_Stadium_1992_-_2 pretty cheap and offer some good, wholesome fun for the family. So there’s that. The Rangers have suffered injuries which hampered their season, but a high draft pick and some recovery time will do them good. Next season is just around the corner, Rangers fans!

6. Six Flags Over Texas of the best destinations for kids, thrillseekers, and thrillseeking kids. Aside from the fact that it’s the Six Flags flagship location, the amusement park continues to profit and draw families and friends to Arlington. And they also do cool things like run rides backwards, just because they can.


5. The Arlington park system

...and the people who run it. If you’ve visited every park in Arlington, either you’ve lived here a while, or have way too much free time. There are dozens of fields, recreation centers, and sport facilities scattered all over the area, and each one offers uniquely catered fun. These venues are kept to the highest qualities, and for that we all benefit. It’s nice to have a pretty place to see sunlight between Call of Duty marathons.

4. No Ebola

It’s gone! It was never actually in Arlington, but anyone who lives in DFW would be a liar if they said they weren’t at least a little nervous. Luckily, Western Africa has made astounding progress battling the disease, and worldwide resources have contributed financially and medically to fight it. There are even two separate treatments now in human trials. Doctors and nurses bravely fighting this disease, and the misinformation caused by it, are truly the modern heroes.

3. The University of Texas at Arlington

UTARanked as one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, the campus has grown exponentially in the past few years. Boasting approximately 35,000 students, they’ve made huge strides in reputability which is made even more impressive by their moderate price tag. The school is creating future leaders and better educated workers for the city of Arlington, Texas and the nation, and we can all be thankful for that.

2. Home of the Cowboys

...America’s team. Especially with quarterback Tony Romo this season. His big plays with Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams wouldn’t be possible without the solid offensive line, and of course DeMarco Murray. And Rolando McClain is keeping our defense together, defying expectation. Between then and the other powerhouses that have decided to come out of the shadows, the Cowboys are bringing hope back to Arlington and Cowboys fans everywhere.

1. Wiggle room

Has there ever been a city more rcityeady for growth? Answer: no. Arlington has been a suburb of Fort Worth and Dallas practical  y since it’s inception, but the city isn’t interested in taking a back seat any longer. Downtown Arlington has been collecting a number of original and beloved restaurants and shops, and continues scouting for more. The area is planning to build some of the first multi-family living buildings in the coming year, and more are in the works. Our council sees the future and is building (pun totally intended) towards it.

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