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Why Here? Why Now? Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot Frequently Asked Questions

Full steam ahead! The Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot is coming in hot as designs are being finalized, temperatures rise, and our furry friends get excited for their all-new outdoor playground. As we approach the groundbreaking of Arlington’s newest dog park, here’s your full breakdown of the Doggie Depot project and why it’s important.

What is the Downtown Arlington “Doggie Depot?”

The Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot is Arlington’s newest and Downtown’s first off-leash dog park! Doggie Depot will serve as a one-stop station for residents and visitors alike to embark on a journey of fun, fitness, and newfound friendship through pet socialization and pet-related activities.

Why do we need a new dog park?

In the last 10 to 15 years, Downtown Arlington has been experiencing nothing short of an economic renaissance, with over $100 million in investments underway just this year and the University of Texas at Arlington’s student population growing to over 40,000. The sustained redevelopment of downtown and the growth of UTA has brought us thousands of additional residents and countless more visitors.

One of the biggest things our residents have in common is pet ownership. Data from our 2022 Downtown Resident Survey showed that 40% of respondents owned a pet. Another question found that residents have been dissatisfied by the lack of pet-friendly green spaces. As a result, people are pushed to walk their dogs on the sidewalks near our commercial properties or other family-friendly parks, leaving waste in inappropriate locations.

As advocates for Downtown residents, visitors, and business owners, we saw this issue as an opportunity to stop, listen, and adapt to the needs of our community. This feedback inspired us to explore new developmental possibilities and partner with the renowned organization Project for Public Spaces through their “Community Placemaking Grants” initiative. Placemaking is a proven approach in bringing communities and people together around the shared vision of a public space. That’s why we are so excited to have received a Community Placemaking Grant from Project for Public Spaces to help fund this project.

When will the Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot open?

Phase I of the project, which includes site planning and design, is currently underway. Phase II begins in March 2024 with construction of the site’s necessary improvements such as running water, electricity, pavement treatments, and fencing.

Once site preparation is completed by May 2024, Phase III wraps up the project with the installation of additional amenities such as benches and tables, covered seating, signage, and dog agility play pieces. The Doggie Depot will open for public use in June 2024.

Where will the Doggie Depot be located?

The Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot will be located on the land southeast of the train tracks by the Municipal Office Tower on Mesquite Street. The space is informally recognized as the Downtown Arlington railroad corridor.

Why is the Doggie Depot located next to the train tracks?

The land allocated to the Doggie Depot is already currently being utilized by hundreds of dogwalkers a month. This open field presently has no lighting, no fencing, and no pet-friendly infrastructure, nor does it receive adequate lawn care. This raises increased health and safety concerns for our residents and visitors, and prevents our pet population from receiving necessary off-leash exercise.

Doggie Depot will formalize the green space as a dog-friendly place where people can safely interact and connect with one another. To ensure the safety of all users, Union Pacific requires the project be setback 25 feet from the railroad tracks. The park will also feature fencing on all parts of the park, including the off-leash seating area, to guarantee our furry friends are safe from any harm.

Additionally, to be awarded the Community Placemaking Grant from Project for Public Spaces, we were required to identify an underutilized green space in need of revitalization. The undeveloped land along the railroad corridor currently acts a dividing line that runs through the center of Downtown Arlington, creating a lack of synergy between the explosion of new developments to the north and south sides of the railroad tracks. This land was chosen for its great potential to weave our downtown together, transforming the space into a place of community involvement and connection.

How is the Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot funded?

The $75,000 Community Placemaking Grant from Project for Public Spaces with funding from General Motors was the impetus for the Doggie Depot. More recently, the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation has approved a generous donation of $100,000 towards the project. Remaining private funds are currently being raised by Downtown Arlington through a private donation campaign.

How can I support the Doggie Depot?

There are plenty of ways to support the Doggie Depot:

  1. Represent your family or organization by supporting the Downtown Arlington Doggie Depot’s capital campaign or by buying a brick. For more information, click here.
  2. Follow the Doggie Depot on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Become a volunteer to help spread the word and maintain the park!