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Live Podcast at Arlington Music Hall to feature cast from "The Chosen"

Imagine being a kid with talent, one who was nurtured, valued, and celebrated. Your talent was truly something special that motivated you and fed your soul.

Then imagine, as you became a teenager, the world shifted its focus from what made you special to what made you different. Different, as in, not like us.

What should it matter, you wondered? But it did. And it continued to matter in the wrong ways until you realized that you had the power to make it matter in the right ways.

Love Your Limp: Join the Live Podcast at Arlington Music Hall

Originally from the Arlington area, actor Jordan Ross (The Chosen, 1883) is bringing his podcast, What’s Your Limp?, to Arlington Music Hall in Downtown Arlington. In his podcast, Jordan talks to public figures about their personal struggles in an attempt to promote vulnerable, meaningful conversations that help all people feel valued. Everyone has a limp, Jordan says, whether it’s physical or internal. His goal is to help us learn to love our limp.

In his first-ever live podcast with an audience, Jordan is inviting his Chosen cast mates, Paras Patel (Matthew) and Elizabeth Tabish (Mary Magdalene), to Arlington Music Hall to share their stories. Jordan also promises some special surprise guests! The conversation will be followed by a Q&A. 

What's Your Limp?
Live podcast and audience Q&A
Arlington Music Hall
Sunday, 07/31/2022
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Click here for tickets

Jordan's Story

Jordan Ross was born and raised in and around Arlington, Texas. From an early age, his talent for acting was nurtured by his grandfather, actor Barry Corbin, and his mother. "My mother was constantly driving me to rehearsals and performances," Jordan recalled, including many productions at Theatre Arlington and Arlington Music Hall (then Johnny High's) in Downtown Arlington.

"I remember waiting for my sister to finish class in Miss Persis' studio, playing Power Rangers with my friends who were also waiting for their sisters," Jordan laughed. 

Born with cerebral palsy (CP) and scoliosis, as a child Jordan's small but noticeable limp was not an impediment to his dreams. His teachers and classmates at The Oakridge School and St. Alban's were curious in positive, accepting ways. His limp also had no discernable impact on his ability to excel on stage. "One director even changed my choreography just enough so I could dance in character," Jordan said.

That began to change when Jordan started attending public high school. Being the "new kid with a limp" was a label that stuck, and although his acting career continued, his time in high school was pretty miserable. The cruel perceptions followed him to L.A. as he pursued roles in film and television. "Casting directors and agents have told me to 'lose the limp',” Jordan said, "and once I was even replaced from project because the director found my limp too distracting."

After several years in L.A., Jordan returned to North Texas. In addition to being married and raising a family, he focused on teaching and projects at the KD Conservatory in Dallas until one day, an opportunity arose to audition for The Chosen. Jordan jumped at the chance, and was selected to join the ensemble cast. After the second season, Chosen creator/director Dallas Jenkins asked Jordan if he would be open to his character's limp being explained as CP.

"When Dallas asked me to embraced my limp and make it part of my character," said Jordan, "it forced me to be more vulnerable than I had ever been previously."

This experience inspired Jordan to launch his podcast, What’s Your Limp? Jordan has since produced over 50 episodes, featuring notable guests including Tim McGraw, Paul Walter Hauser (Richard Jewell, Cruella), Allison Tolman (Fargo, Krampus), Ramy Youssef (Hulu’s Ramy), Scoot McNairy (12 Years a Slave, True Detective, Narcos: Mexico), and Bethany Joey Lenz (One Tree Hill, Dexter).

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You can read more about Jordan and his podcast on his website:

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