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The West Main Arts Festival Returns

What started as a simple one-day street festival has grown into one of the most exciting local music and art events of its kind in North Texas. Year after year, the West Main Arts Festival continues to exceed our expectations, and we are so thankful to everyone who has attended.

However, this event is not just another festival. You won't see big-name headliners. We are focused on supporting the hyper-local music, arts, and culinary scene. Create Arlington, the organization behind West Main Arts Festival, was founded with the mission to “equip people to pursue their passions by fostering a creative, entrepreneurial community within an open, thriving setting.”

In many ways, the West Main Arts Festival is the clearest expression of this mission. It’s proof of concept. It's where everything comes together. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to transform Downtown Arlington into an engaged and diverse community where passionate people love to Live. Work. Create.

When you attend the West Main Arts Festival, you aren’t just supporting local artists and entrepreneurs. You’re helping to support the programs we host at Create Arlington throughout the year—the gallery shows, the workshops, the literary events, the pop-up markets, and so much more. All of it is designed to have a transformative effect on the City of Arlington and the people who create.

Beer and wine garden provided by Candlelite Inn.

For full band/performer line-up, artist/food truck listings or to become a sponsor for the WMAF, please to: