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Observe Lenten Fridays at Flying Fish, Fuzzy’s

By Derek Beckno

Midway through March, Lent is already in full force. Every fast food restaurant has rolled out one new fish product or another as an answer to the meatless Fridays traditionally observed by those who celebrate Lent.

If you plan on avoiding the national chain restaurants and aren't in the mood to fire up the grill at home, you’ll find some alternatives in Downtown Arlington.

The scent of sizzling grilled salmon or salty fried catfish will fill your nostrils if you stroll past the Flying Fish, which might be the answer to your oceanic cravings. The Flying Fish is a seafood restaurant with an emphasis on providing wide a variety of tasty options.

If you’d rather have your seafood presented in taco form, Fuzzy’s will meet your needs with their shrimp, fish and crawfish selections. The taco shop has a number of seafood offerings with a Mexican flare to them.

Former UTA student Trevor Harris used to frequently attend Fuzzy’s when he lived in the area.

“It was one of my favorite lunch spots,” he said. “The food was always good, and they have some pretty crazy drinks.”

Downtown Arlington has a number of restaurants for those observing Lent; almost every place has some sort of meatless offering.

You don’t need to be observing Lent to enjoy some great seafood, though. If you’re craving a crustacean or just feel like trying something new, be sure to check out the offerings of both the Flying Fish and Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.