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Nice to Meet You! Introducing Greg Gardner, Downtown Arlington Board of Directors

As the governing body for the Downtown Arlington Business Improvement District (BID), our Board of Directors represents the diverse interests found within our vibrant community. Each member of our Board brings incredible insights to our planning and programming, and we're proud to serve beside them.

In our Q&A series, Nice to Meet You, we look forward to introducing you to each of our Directors. 

This week, meet Greg Gardner, Managing Partner of Grease Monkey Burger Shop and Cartel Taco Bar. Greg is also a Lamar High School and UTA grad, plus a long-time member of the popular local band, The Texas Cartel.

Downtown Arlington:  What are the top things you like most about Downtown Arlington?

Greg Gardner:  Local businesses, history, and businesses supporting each other.

DA:  Name a leader in our community who inspires you.

Greg:  Former Arlington Mayor Elzie Odom. His dedication to the city and his leading with positivity and calmness is inspiring.

DA:  What is your favorite Downtown building or place?

Greg:   I love the Music Hall and the old Luke Pontiac/Honda structure.

DA:  What's your favorite thing about your job?

Greg:  Interaction with the customers and the relationships with the people I get to work with are my personal favorites. Making decisions for the businesses and being a part of creating the restaurants brings a professional satisfaction.

DA:  What inspires you to build your businesses in Downtown? 

Greg:  Seeing the potential growth inspired us to get involved early in the Downtown revival. The most important influence, I think, was knowing that UTA and the City were willing and motivated to work together to make it a reality.

DA: Outside of your business, tell us about some of your personal interests.

Greg:  Music... playing, listening, watching live music

DA: When you're out for drinks in Downtown, what is your favorite cocktail and where is your favorite spot to order it?

Greg:  The Cartel Old Fashion at (where else?) The Cartel Taco Bar

DA:  When you think about a bright future for Downtown, what one thing do you think will contribute most to its long-term success?

Greg:  I think it is very important that we increase the retail/shopping and other non-restaurant businesses in Downtown. We need to increase the foot traffic and get people to stay in the area longer, not to mention give them more reasons to come.

DA:  Most important, what's your Texas Rangers walk-on song? 

Greg:  When I Woke Up Today by Wade Bowen

Grease Monkey
200 Mesquite St.
Arlington, TX 76011

Cartel Taco Bar
506 E Division St., Suite 150
Arlington, TX 76011

About Downtown Arlington   

Designated by the State of Texas as the Arlington Cultural District, Downtown Arlington is where creativity, authenticity, and hometown pride thrive and drive what's next. Within its less than a two-mile radius, Downtown is home to a top tier public research university, prolific visual and performing artists and arts institutions, live entertainment, exciting NCAA and professional athletics, one-of-a-kind dining and retail, and a supportive business climate.

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