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Goat Yoga? You’re Kidding Me.

I was half awake when I saw the new entry on our refrigerator calendar – April 15, GOAT YOGA!

“I got us tickets,” my lovely wife chirped. “I think it’ll be fun!”

She and I love goats. We plan to have some in the near future, but still … I was introduced to yoga as a warm-up exercise about 20 years ago when I was hired to do a play. Actors love to warm up. This particular group liked yoga. So, I did yoga. Sorta. It was more of a nice stretch, some time to collect my thoughts, and a colossal waste of valuable rehearsal time.

[caption id="attachment_22723" align="img-wrapleft" width="219"] Photo by Scott Latham[/caption]

“I don’t do yoga”, I grumbled. I didn’t have to add that, not only had it been 20 years since I tried, I haven’t touched my toes in 15. She knows.

“You like goats,” she smiled. “There will be lots of goats.”

“I don’t have a yoga mat,” I reasoned. “What’s the point?”

“It’s at a brewery,” she said triumphantly.


Legal Draft Beer CompanyDowntown Arlington and Arlington Yoga Center put their heads together to produce this event that promotes local business and the downtown Arlington area. Turns out the location, Legal Draft Beer Co., is only about a two miles from our humble abode... 

This is an excerpt from a story by Scott Latham that was originally published in Fort Worth Weekly on April 19, 2018. Click here to read the full story.

Goat Yoga is a Downtown Arlington Pop! Up PartnerClick here for more information about the next Goat Yoga event on May 12. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Downtown Art Mural Project.