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Daddy’s Little Angle: 5 Ways to Spend Father’s Day the “Right” Way

No, that’s not a typo you see in the title. See, I said angle instead of angel because this article is about the “right” way to do Father’s Day, so the joke is a play on words about right angles… Wow, tough crowd. This must be how dads feel 99% of the time, but what better way to celebrate Father's Day than with mankind’s greatest creation, Dad Jokes. This is the one day a year where you are contractually obligated to laugh at every single one of his jokes, regardless of how corny they may be. But don’t stop at sympathy laughs, here’s five more ways to spend Father’s Day the right way and make his day even more special.

1. Take Him Shopping

The best thing about shopping for your dad is the peace and satisfaction in knowing the gift will be used to its fullest potential. Whether it’s shoes, a watch, socks, or a goofy hat, prepare to see that item for years and years until it’s held together by duct tape, paper clips, and prayers. Help dad retire the Frankenstein’ed flip flops and t-shirts and deck him out in all the best clothes that Downtown has to offer.

Take him over to The Man’s Shop and let Wally and his staff help you develop a sophisticated style that is surely to turn heads. Or, if your dad aspires to be “hip,” as he insists the kids say these days, then take him over to Commodities and get him a pair of the latest and coolest sneakers.

2. Compete in Axe Throwing

Nothing beats going head-to-head with your parents in a friendly competition at Lone Star Axe Throwing, creating core memories that will last forever. Whether you come from the dominos and spades generation or the Mario Kart generation, axe throwing is the latest form of familial rivalry.

Whoever wins this battle will endure endless teasing at every family gathering from this point forward, so be sure to bring your a-game. Use all the memories of frustration from when he taught you how to drive and take aim.

3. Play All His Favorite Old School Games

Dads take great joy in sharing stories and experiences from their childhood. Free Play Arcade is the best place for you to finally experience those memories firsthand and step into your dad’s shoes from back when he was young, fun, and reckless. Challenge your dad in all his favorite throwback games from Tetris to Tron to Frogger as he recounts tales of adolescent shenanigans.

One arcade machine can hold an infinite supply of lifechanging moments such as his first date with your mom, joy from landing a spot on the leaderboard, and going out with friends after school. So be ready to come with open ears and a thirst for victory.

4. Craft Him Something Special

As mentioned before, dads utilize their gifts for years, proudly letting everyone know each chance he gets that his children gave them to him. Now is the perfect time to craft him something special and provide him with even more opportunities to brag about you. Not only did you give it to him, but now you made it for him, and that means more than anything you can buy. Head over to Catalyst Creative Arts and craft him a personalized keychain, wallet, or household decoration.

5. Grab Some Beers with Him

After all is said and done, what matters most to your dear old dad is just spending time with him. He has seen you grow and develop into the bright, successful person you are today and would love nothing more than to sit and appreciate the fruits of his labor. In a fast-paced world where time flies and life changes in the blink of an eye, it's easy to lose track of the people who are waiting for us back at home. This Father's Day, visit any of Downtown's bar, pubs, and breweries, and take a moment to let him know how much you appreciate him. There's no better gift than sitting down, grabbing a beer, and sharing pieces of your life with the man who helped make it all possible.