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Better than bubble wrap: Downtown Arlington launches a new website

Have you ever watched a toddler open a present? To a toddler, there’s an equal amount of glee to be experienced from each layer: wrapping paper, tape, bows, box and finally, the gift within. Every step of the unwrapping is filled with discovery and enchantment. If there’s bubble wrap, forget about it.

It’s with similar delight that Downtown Arlington Management Corporation unveils its new website.

“The new Downtown Arlington website is the complete package,” said Tony Rutigliano, president and CEO of DAMC. “It captures the authenticity, energy and diversity here in Downtown. Not only is the site rich in content, but it reflects the character and identity of our district and our community.”

The redesign incorporates feedback from downtown partners, neighbors and visitors, emphasizing great story-telling, real-time information and intuitive navigation in a seamless platform. A comprehensive directory of destinations, events and services plus an interactive map -- the only one of its kind for Downtown Arlington -- make it a breeze to plan visits to the district. Social media plug-ins enhance the site by integrating each visitor’s unique experience. Blog postings, photogalleries and videos also help the story of Downtown come alive.

“Downtown Arlington is evolving quickly, particularly in terms of cultural arts opportunities for artists, entities and patrons,” said Rutigliano. “That means that our online platform, including our website, social media, blog, e-newsletter and video, must be fully integrated and totally responsive so that our followers are always in the know.”

The website also serves as home plate for the DAMC board of directors, members and partners, as well as anyone interested in learning more about the long term vision for Downtown.  In addition to the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan, board meeting agendas and minutes are available through the site.

“The Downtown Arlington Board of Directors is a representative group of stakeholders,” said Rutigliano, “and this website an important tool for transparency. We want to engage with any and everyone who has an interest in positively and proactively sustaining the growth within our district.”

In the loop

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Go on. Pop the bubble wrap to your heart’s content. Explore the new Downtown Arlington website and discover the incredible gifts wrapped within.

What do you think?

The Downtown Arlington website redesign incorporated feedback from downtown partners, neighbors and visitors. We’d also like to hear from you! Please leave us your feedback in the comment section below or on any of our social media channels. Use @dtarlington and #authenticallyArlington to tag us.

About Downtown Arlington

Ranked as one of the top urban districts in the country in 2016 by TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals, Downtown Arlington Texas blends a unique mix of activities, sights, tastes and sounds that attract visitors and locals alike. Within its less than a two-mile radius, Downtown Arlington is home to a top tier public university, prolific cultural arts institutions and live entertainment, exciting NCAA and professional athletics, one-of-a-kind dining and retail, and a supportive business climate. Downtown Arlington brings together a plethora of cultures and inspirations with a character all its own.