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3 Facade Improvements To Attract More Customers

Business is booming in Arlington, but it could always boom a little bit more. That's why Downtown Arlington created our Destination Downtown Grant, which will begin accepting applications in the coming month. There's so much business and property owners can do to spruce up their storefronts, and in turn make downtown a more pedestrian-friendly place. Arlington has so many attractive features with entertainment, restaurant culture, and diverse art programs, why not have a downtown area to reflect that vibe? Here's three ways your business can make more money and look good doing it:

1. Keep A Lid On It

You, the responsible business owner, likely keep your building clean. Cockroaches and rats never attracted any new customers. Clean stores are more appealing, and often the cleaner the store, the more refined the product or service seems. However, many properties let the landscaping and facade fall to the wayside. First impressions are vital, and the outside of your building is your customer's first impression. Dirt, trash, and other undesirable distractions muddle the positive impression you could make, no matter how many times you cleaned the inside. Keeping the exterior in top condition commands respect and entices customers to take the step through your door.

2. Sell Your Peanuts

Newspaper boys from yesteryear are known for yelling headlines to make a sale. Peanut and drink vendors at Ranger's Stadium won't let you go 10 minutes without hearing their suggestions. The yell-until-someone-buys-it tactic may not be appropriated the same way for modern business, but the idea holds steadfast. If a customer doesn't realize you're there, you make the decision for them; they will shop at your competitor. Proper signage outside announces to the work that your business is here. If the signage is well-kept and inviting, customers might even be tempted inside. Beyond that, a coherent design for the downtown area including signage, awnings, and other adornments creates a cultural draw which then increases consumer traffic to the area. That increases business for everyone, and who doesn't like more business?

3. Use Your Green Thumb

Nature is beautiful with its shining dew and trickling streams. We may live in a busy metropolitan area, but that doesn't mean we have to throw all greenery under a metaphorical bus. If there's one thing successful downtowns have in common, it's plant life. Parks, trees, grass, and bushes can all be attractive landmarks in a sea of grey concrete, and wouldn't it be lovely if that landmark just happened to be near your storefront? Minding the foliage outside can produce a nice view, but in Texas investment in trees can result in shade for pedestrians. This increased traffic often translates into more customers for you. All you have to do is get your nails a little dirty.