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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

More than any January in recent memory, the world wants nothing more from the new year than a fresh start. Brighter days. Hope for the future. Globally and locally, for instance, we’re beginning to allow ourselves cautious optimism as the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, starting with those who need it most. How grateful we are to our City and County leaders for implementing such a well-conceived, science-based and transparent distribution process for the vaccine.

A process rooted in kindness.

This got us thinking about how love – the root of kindness – lit the way through 2020 and will continue to show us the way forward. So at Downtown Arlington, we’re going to help love along! Starting this week, we’ll be moving away from a weekly President’s Message in this e-newsletter and begin highlighting many of the people, places, stories and events that we love in our district. 

As a part of this new focus, we’re also inviting friends, partners and community leaders to share the reasons why they love Downtown Arlington. This week, Garret Martin shares his thoughts on art, music and making memories that matter. Would you be interested in contributing to the I Love Downtown Arlington story? If so, please contact me or Katie.

To get us started, here are just five of the countless things I love about Downtown Arlington:

1.    Entrepreneurial spirit fueled by collaboration
2.    Budding arts scene
3.    Growing college town vibe
4.    Heritage and history as the heart of our City 
5.    Tomato Bisque soup at The Hive ;)

Now it’s your turn. What do you love about Downtown Arlington? 


Maggie Campbell
President and CEO
Downtown Arlington Management Corporation