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The Low Down on The MAX (Metro ArlingtonXpress)

Service for The MAX (Metro ArlingtonXpress) begins on Monday, August 19 and will run on weekdays only. If you’re bummed out about the somewhat limited service, show your support by catching a ride during the week. The City of Arlington will be more likely to extend services if there is growth in ridership. Also, there will be FREE wi-fi beginning in September and The MAX will be able to carry bikes.

Where Can I Go?

The MAX (the bus) connects Arlington to CentrePort/DFW Airport Station.

From CentrePort/DFW Airport Station, you can either take:

a) the DART 500 to DFW Terminal A 

b) the TRE to Fort Worth Intermodal Center 

c) the TRE to DART Union Station (Dallas)

Options run from about 5:35 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It takes approximately 25-30 minutes to get to and from each location.

Where to Park?

Parking at College Park District is FREE and available on the top floor of the North Parking Garage. You CAN leave your car overnight so this is a great opportunity for Arlington residents and UTA students who want to avoid high parking fees at the airport. This also means you won’t have to bug your friends or family for an early morning drop off.

**Additional parking is now available in First Baptist's surface lot at the southeast corner of Center and UTA Blvd (Border St.) Surface lot parking is near 100 E. Border St. 

Parking at CentrePort/DFW Airport Station is also FREE, but it’s important to remember you CANNOT leave your car overnight at CentrePort/DFW Airport Station.

So, How Much Is It?

The average person will pay $5 for a single day, round-trip. This allows access to any DART bus or train or T bus for that day. Monthly unlimited passes are $80

CHILDREN UNDER 5: Ride for FREE with a parent or guardian.

Disabled passengers, riders ages 5-14, high school students, college students and 65+ ride for half-price which is  $2.50. This is also a single day, round-trip pass with access to any DART bus or train or T bus. Monthly passes are also half-price at $40.

IDENTIFICATION: Disabled passengers will need a valid ID or Medicare card.

                                  Seniors and high school students must get an ID from the DART OR the

                                 UTA students must get an ID through the T 

                                 All other college students please email: for more                                                     information.