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The Hands Behind the Counter of Division Brewing

View the full video from the guys at Division Brewing

Division Brewing is an inviting brewery located in Downtown Arlington dedicated to providing the community with more than just good beer, but a place to sit and enjoy each other’s company as well. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the hands behind the bar and gain a deeper understanding of what sets this eclectic brewery apart from all the rest.

Division Brewing was co-founded by friends Sean Cooley and Wade Wadlington with the goal of creating a space where people can come, sit down, and feel welcomed. Spreading positive vibes is what they’re all about; whether you come to relax, have a drink with some friends, or meet new people, Cooley and Wadlington have curated the type of environment where anyone will be comfortable staying for hours without feeling the need to check the time. People come in with a couple of loved ones and by the end of the night, they’re exchanging numbers with new acquaintances and planning their next outing.

“This is a place where you put your phone down and you’re talking to the people at the table next to you, and before you know it, you’re sharing a beer,” said Wadlington. “It’s a fun place to come and visit.” People travel from all over to get a taste of the familial atmosphere fermenting at Division Brewing and leave with a place to call their second home.

What many people have grown to love about Division is the tender, love, and care taken with each brew they have on the menu. In one sip, patrons are filled with the warm sensation of hand-crafted beer by professionals who are passionate about the history and practice of brewing. Division enthusiasts return time and time again because they know that each visit will offer a new experience, as the brewers behind the counter work tirelessly to bring their best to the table, literally.

The owners have instilled in themselves and their employees the significance of maintaining supply with precision and enthusiasm. With little automation being applied in the process, each can of beer is labeled, inspected, and sanitized by hand. They physically go through the process using the same method each day while also incorporating new recipes. To the average consumer, this may sound monotonous, but to the guys over at Division Brewing, it never gets old. This is in large part due to the fact that, for them, brewing beer is not just a business, but a passion.

“I really believe the world is a better place whenever two people sit at a table and drink a beer together,” said Cooley. Here, people leave their troubles at the door and break down the barriers preventing them from having a good time. Division Brewing is like a giant playground for adults to delight in each other’s company and have fun, something Wadlington believes is harder to do as you get older.

Come see for yourself how Division carved out a unique identity amongst other breweries and have a taste of the variety of delicious flavors they offer. With drinks inspired by any number of culinary ingredients, spices, and herbs, there is something for everyone.