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Quite a “Capital Bar” in Downtown Arlington

By Gabe Zamora

capital bar

I have had the privilege of going to the Capital Bar on several occasions, while it was packed to the brim and when there were enough stools for everyone to have two.  Each time has shown that the venue can cater to music enthusiasts and the casual drinker alike.  The atmosphere promotes good times while the music lets everyone know that you’re there to party.


The spacious location still has elements of its former garage with the big doors lining the main area, but bar stools and tables have replaced old oil stains.  The two bars serve the drinks you know and love while the more adventurous drinker will have no problem experimenting with the many types of liquor that line the shelves.


If music, alcohol and a general hangout spot aren’t cutting it for you, Capital Bar also offers several social gaming activities.  Pool tables, dart boards and slingers are available to turn your social gathering into a wager for the next round of drinks or to just help pass the time while the next band sets up.

Music at its heart

Capital Bar boasts a stage decked out with more than enough speakers and subwoofers to make a bass lover slobber.  The floor in front of the stage has ample room to stand next to another music lover and still have space to bring your beer bottle to your lips.

the ranch

 95.9 The Ranch is currently hosting their Fall Music Series at the Capital Bar, featuring names like Mickey & the Motorcars with Jason Cassidy or Brandon Jenkins with the Ranch Factor Champion.  There are many other bands brought to you as well, all with NO COVER CHARGE each Thursday until the series ends.  Think of all the money you’ll have for drinks without a cover charge!

But even when that closes, the venue will continue to host DJ’s and local artists.  It’s safe to say that this bar is one that doesn’t mind having an eclectic bunch on their lineup to bring in all sorts of crowds.  A full listing of the bands can be found on their event calendar.

Good times await

Whether you’re out to listen to rockin’ bands or just want to have a few drinks and hang out with friends, the Capital Bar is great place to take a load off.  From window rattling concerts to social hangout, the Capital Bar is one place that you will surely run into this blogger.

About the blogger: Gabe Zamora  is a journalist with a passion for the unknown and obscure. While facts can be interesting, a great story will always be more entertaining.