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Mediums Unite in 'Motion'

Artists in Motion, an exhibit on display at the Arlington Museum of Art, brings two mediums together for a common theme.

Costume designer Ric Leal created the bright red costume specifically for the exhibit. Leal's inspiration comes from Donray's Firebird, the acrylic canvas behind the costume. When seen in person, the strokes used by Donray give so much life to the painting.

firebird firebird_donray


On that same note, Donray created a pastel on canvas entitled, "Alice and the Hearts" to accompany Leal's costume design for Alice in Wonderland at the Texas Ballet Theater. The various placement of limbs make the canvas appear like it is moving. 

alice in wonderland


J.R.R Tolkein fans will adore Leal's take on the Elven Queen's attire from Casa Manana's Hobbit in 2003.

the hobbit

Also on display are costumes from Antigone and Hamlet, in addition to various work done by Donray. 

To find our more about the exhibit and museum hours, please click here.