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Mavericks Bar and Grill Treat Guests Like Family

In 2010, Mavericks Bar and Grill opened its new location off E. Main St. in Downtown Arlington. Owners Richard and Jen Chavez made a conscious decision to make their bar smoke-free. Although they lost business at first, their choice was based on ‘doing what was right’ for their family and customers - which seems to be a common theme in the Mavericks family.

The husband and wife duo share the responsibility of running Mavericks. Richard has an extensive background in the service industry. As a teen he was a bar back, but a couple years of hard work earned him the title of general manager at a popping night club in El Paso. While Richard focuses on the nuts and bolts of Mavericks, Jen is busy running a household of five children AND all of the intangible aspects of a successful business. Her inviting personality and ability to build relationships is essential to their catering business and retaining loyal customers.

Richard and Jen tend to go above and beyond to make their customers feel welcome. One of the elements of Mavericks that captures your eye as soon as you walk in is the long bar top. According to the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, bars and restaurants are required to have specific dimensions for wheelchair guests. Each end of the bar at Mavericks can accommodate disabled guests, allowing them to feel more connected.

Not only does Mavericks care about the well-being of their guests while they are there, but also when they leave. The Chavez's offer to shuttle people to their homes if they have over indulged. They would much rather see their guests get home safely then end up with a steep ticket or in a deadly accident.

Next time you’re thinking about heading out to grab a few drinks with friends, remember Mavericks Bar and Grill. They’re a family just like yours and mine who focus on doing what is right for the Downtown Arlington community. 

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